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As I said none of the new premiums will be on old worlds unless we (as in the mod team) specifically enable them, all if not most will just be stored away deep within the database never to be seen.
What else you can enable?
Quest for Key3 as well???

Is it possible to get list of available features which can be enabled by mods?
Then players would be able to vote for them. Lot of time is gone and most likely people have different view on same things now.

And most important, VOTING should be made in game (not in Forum) to get opinion from most of players, not like 50 in forum.

I know for sure that I'd like to see 1h=2h work feature in older worlds.

tbh kinda stupid is to develop something and spend $, what is not going to be enabled in all worlds. Sorry mods, can't understand.

Personally, I'd used option to re skill.
W2 - being worker, I decided to re skill for forts
W6 - as vigor soldier realized, that can't do all quests from soldier quest line (kinda stupid to be vigor soldier if you can't make soldier quest >> why to not make Vigor skill based quest line and give option to choose for same price?)

* simple re skill to make changes
* as vigor soldier I'm not able to do soldier quests
* if I find some sexy firearm weapon being vigor soldier


Basically any of the options you see in the Server Settings CAN be toggled, however all are currently at their default values. (Premium Reskill is off across all servers except beta.)


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I meant options which are hidden (have no interface to change, but directly in database).
Like enabling April fool quest - or it has strict date requirement without possibility to enable/disable
Like Geronimo project - or there some additional development were needed from mods

Server settings in interface:
Is it dropdown list for each option or you can put any value (according to field format aka date,number,yes/no)?


April Fools quest has "requirements" like a secret quest, obviously in this case being "only appear on April 1". Simply a different use to "Only appear 2am Saturday", same principle.

Geronimo is not an inbuilt server setting, it is run from the admin tools. Basically you can just create a charater artificially, assign it thousands of XP, SP and AP to distribute and provide it with $45000 cash on hand. An admin then has the fun of using this "rigged" player to lead a town and steal forts from everyone else :p

As for the server settings interface I have no idea. All I know is they CAN be toggles quickly, not sure if it is simply interfaced or databased though...


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As for the server settings interface I have no idea. All I know is they CAN be toggles quickly, not sure if it is simply interfaced or databased though...
I thought that you're mod in game and can easily change world's settings, as you used - we (as in the mod team).

Maximum level reachable: 99
mods can choose from dropdown list or put any value they like!?


Admins can edit (cm and co-cm), mods can't. (As I said not sure how they do it, but they can.) We are a team though and will make decisions based on a general concensus, not what first pops into the mind of a random admin. Obviously the players will then get their turn to raise their opinions when the features are implimented to suggest hat features we should have removed or left enabled, as you will have the opportunity to buy these new premiums and experience them first hand before making a verdict.

Btw the level cap is a little different. It relies on having different game arhitecture from the devs which is not implimented yet. Afaik we could manually lower it, but we can't raise it or remove it yet...
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1) Works:
- 2 hours of work will be as effective as 1 hour is now (luck, money, xp, motivation, etc). Here's an example:
Old: 2 Hours need 24 Energypoints and give 120$ and 100 XP
New: 1 Hour needs 24 Energypoints and gives 120$ and 100 XP
Is anything going to happen to the quest that require 6hours+ working time requirements? Since they would become inconvenient to complete as your motivation will decrease rapidly and you have to sleep more to regain energy which makes it time consuming.

For example Paths of communication(When the postman rings once) and Paths of communication(When the postman rings for the last time) which both require 10hours of work. These quest will basically consume the amount of energy and motivation of doing the jobs for 20 hours each in our current system. This is would be annoying since instead of taking a few days to complete a questline, it may take a week for non-premium users.

Overall, i think the proposed new work system would be quite good as less time for the same earnings will speed things up.


Not everyone really wins, just premium players.

Sure you will level up faster, have more money.
But so will everybody else, just premium have it off even better.... dont dey?

tom paris

it depends mainly on time in this game, everything involves time


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Imo, tweaking the time system seems to be a strange move when that was really an unbroken strong point to this casual game. There are so many balance issues that haven't even been resolved, the energy spent doing this could have been managed for a much greater effect.
I guess in Germany its like BMW motorcycles... If it aint broke, lets fix it, make it more expensive, uglier and add to the maintenance.

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