Update Feedbacks - 2.125


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Would love to see some more substantive changes to fort battles. There has clearly been a little effort made to do something positive here, which I'm sure many on our worlds appreciate. Fiddling with the numbers for each side though is masking the underlying problem that is our broken fort battle formula.

Am hoping for some changes to the formula this year. No expectation, only hope. A change to how powerful leadership is would be a great start.


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I mean.. We all have seen IFBC..

27k Hp Soldier could only hold the Soldier Tower for 3 rounds at the utmost, against No-Nugget Sets, or Phoebe Mosey for that matter.
Average dodges are like 30-35, and die within 15-25 hits.
It would be slightly better on Medium Fort Towers but not so much.

Number changes will help? Well few more Offline Damagers.. maybe, just maybe, a little bit..
If we get to fill the Forts in any server.. we might get to find that out.. :roll:

Said it a lot of times, and still saying it.. Give us Diggo and let us test things on Event server while tons of Fort Fighters are still on it, right after the Event.


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@mxj1337 How do you do those Love or haha reactions in stead of just like?
right click on the"like" button and then press "open link in new tab"

once it opens in a new tab, go to the URL and edit the number at the end of it. (id=1 to id=6). At present there only seem to be 6 reactions possible through this method.
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Well, can't even fill Mediums now..
Complete lack of rewards from battles between events always causes an attendance drop, sadly.

I hope they won't stop with this number changes only..
The number change was a vital first step, and I hope they consider adjusting the numbers to increase defence or equalise the sides completely, only once that's settled (and fort sets power is capped) can the real balance work begin with formula changes.


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Well, can't even fill Mediums now..

I hope they won't stop with this number changes only..
Well, sure filled up in today's battle that I was squeezed out in the Attack with a sergeant rank even though I was online at the fort with full HP Livingston/Golden Set. :rolleyes:


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Well this is as far as it goes. Worth to mention that Defense has more Online Hp & "Premium" gear (Union and all that OP stuff)


I think Battles lasting slightly longer, but not much.

These being said.. If Attack had 2-3 less people, probably would lose.
Balance is that delicate in the game right now.

It's all about getting the snowball rolling, then it's an avalanche and extermination of one side, thanks to extreme Hit ratios and Damages.
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Could be XX% drop chance per player that attends. For example, you give it 1% per player. If 100 people are in the battle, it is guaranteed that 1 random person will get it. If it's 200 people, 2 people will get it. If it's 125 people, 1 drop is guaranteed, 2nd one is 25%. Just like product drops work.

But, no matter how the drop works, the most important 2 things are these:

1- Nobody should get the feeling of "Ah, I'll never get it, those high levels that overperform will get it." The reward shouldn't be tied to the FF performance.

2- The drop needs to be actually relevant. No wooden, iron-clad or steel lined boxes. Either a bag like we get in Christmas, or something else that will not be sold to the mobile trader when obtained by an average player.


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i dont see a firefighter set feedback so ill post here..

http://prntscr.com/sqdm82 whats up with these upgrades.. not seeing much bouns being increased.. other pieces are the same +2% increase.
you want someone to spend 900 nuggets for just +2% .. come on you gotta do much better then this inno! 900 nuggets is 20$ rl money.. not worth a lvl 1 with that such upgrade.. do better in future set!