Update Feedbacks - 2.108


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So there is a new Nugget set on Sale and there is absolutely no info on that.
Not an announcement or anything of sorts. Really?

What are the set bonuses and stuff, please?

Also where is the Rifle of the set? Could be a good anti-Union bs weapon set.
Well not really, but better than Zapata weapons at least..


waiting for the announcement, but just from the parts it looks like a really bad attempt of countering the union officer...


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Inno be like
Do we know if those items will be tradeable in the future? I mean i may want to upgrade it or sell in if it is useless to me but if I dont know if it is tradeable i don't know if it is worth to buy it or not at the first time.


Nothing of that set is worth it imo.....besides, it is a bugged set. Did you see the rifle yet? :p


looks like INNO devs have no idea what they are doing... someone give them advice please...

Pankreas PorFavor

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"Four new crafting quests have been creating. For finishing those quests, a left-hand weapon item is being awarded."

is this repeatable? like the older quest for Harper's axes for cooks, Pete's remington for saddlers and similar for other trades?

Pankreas PorFavor

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Yes, that quest can be repeated.

How? I did the quest once (as a field cook), I am doing the same thing again but the quest doesn't appear. Is it with a different quest giver in the repeatable version? Is there a time requirement? It would be useful if there was some kind of an indicator, a timer or something that would tell you that you can only repeat the quest in 24h/7 days/whatever the limit actually is.
Or is there a bug that v2.109 will solve?