Update Feedbacks - 2.102


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This game is getting more and more "Free to play, but PAY to win"... I've said this a few times, but it has gotten so much worse lately.

I've tried getting some well known fort fighters to join battles... They were tanks... They refuse... REFUSE... To come to battles. Why should they? When they can be obliterated in one or two rounds?

Not everyone can afford to throw money at an online game... Real life is full of obligations that (should) take priority. If Inno keeps on making sets that can only be purchased with real money, more of those who can't afford to keep up will stop going to battles... Stop logging on daily... Stop playing all of their current worlds... Stop playing this game altogether.

Inno needs to wake up and fix this stupid damage issue in a way that will help those who can not afford to throw money at this game and still be able to play reasonably effectively.


We are losing a lot of players who have been playing for many years in ALL worlds...


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Oh, throwing money (as a Tank) won't help you much either honey, I can assure you that.

Even with this new (Nugget) Summer Spirits Resistance set, which is a weakling compared to Union bs but still, you will have the 16k HP Soldier with Zapata clothing dead in 20-30 shots.

On Attacks it's okay-ish, but on Defenses.... You will have to Bail in no matter what.
And wait for Attackers to kill you through the gate and all.

But instead of doing some Formula updating, Rewards balancing and/or changing Defense bonuses, they just bring a "much better" Critic magnet set to feed damagers furthermore.
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