Update Feedback - 2.140

Pankreas PorFavor

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Recipe Book rebalancing
We have added some more recipes to the recipe book:
  • Instructions: Tinker a health puppet
  • Instructions: Mix honey
  • Instructions: Craft a honey press
  • Instructions: Build a traveling carriage

Why don't you throw in more crap that nobody needs? This is just ridiculous. Recipe book is rare as it is, it should contain only the rarest and hard to find recipes. Why do you spend time on stupid things like this instead of doing something that actually improves the situation? I'm trying to figure out the decision making process, what was going on in the mind of a person that looked at the recipe book and said "this needs to be changed" and I just can't.


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Unless they plan to give Recipe books, various chests/boxes rather often via various PvP features/activities.. They should make them better, not EVEN worse.