Feedback Update 2.199


It's cool you're adding the quest and stuff, but a single quests gets an entire version number?
That's a truly unique and innovative approach to updates, when a patch would do.

Pankreas PorFavor

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It's cool you're adding the quest and stuff, but a single quests gets an entire version number?
That's a truly unique and innovative approach to updates, when a patch would do.

but you ignore the impact of this quest! if you complete it, you get 7850 xp and $5700!! it's smart that it is only available for players level 155 and higher because this changes the game completely - since you also get 25 bonds and a 50% health elixir. WOW!!!

this is a quest for high level players? one fort battle can give you 15000 xp, almost double than these 12 quest steps (and you get a similar number of bonds). for me personally the experience from this quest is less than 0,1% xp needed to level up, just by logging in I get 10-40x more than if I complete it!?! and the money is ridiculous, spamming a silver bonus job 20 x 15 sec brings more cash.
each step in this quest should give at least 5-10k xp. yes, it doesn't make a lot of difference, it won't bring level 250 much closer, but at least it is something... or now it's just about building the church and sleeping to get achievements?

Harriet Oleson

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If I can give my opinion about a change of class bonuses : in my opinion (so it worths what it worths, don't kill me if you disagree lol), in a very general point of view, the class bonuses should allow players to have game possibilities different from each other but they shouldn't bring advantages allowing to have better results (=allowing to win more often, to be better ranked, increasing stats).

An example of what I'm talking about could be some of the duellers bonuses. They can duel without moving : it doesn't allow better results, it is advantageous (no need to move in a lot of cases), it is related to duel and only the class of duellers can do that so it makes the duelling experience different for duellers compared to others. (I'm just illustrating what I'm talking about here, I'm not saying this to complain it was supposed to be removed).

If it isn't like that, in my opinion it can only lead to an imbalance between classes. That's what I personally reproached to this update : there were still bonuses allowing advantages in results for some classes and some classes still didn't have any bonuses in some fields while every others classes have. In other words : it still didn't seem balanced and could cause new types of problems ...

I don't know if a lot of players would agree with that cause it would imply to take back all bonuses +x% SP, AP, xp etc xD

Except the damages. In my opinion, the damages bonus to duellers in FF should still stay the same cause they are very important to lower the HP of very high HP tanks. They also should stay specific to duellers cause if too many fighters can crit, it can become unplayable for tanks. BUT the ranking/xp reward formulas should be changed in this case to not (or less) take into account damages but instead : the number of successfull hits. These ones depends on the skills/attack bonus, while the amount of damages can be class related, so not so fair. Damages would become as useless for individual stats than ghosting is for adventurers, but still represent an important role in the strategy aspect in FF.

All classes bonuses should be this way actually : the "+25% of his own leadership for the soldier + his 4 neighboors", maybe it'd be good to put it as "+25% of his own leadership for the 4 neighboors" (and not for himself) : this bonus wouldn't have any impact in the personal results of the soldier but would become a strategy bonus regarding others' results (including other soldiers). Soldiers should need another FF bonus cause it's their field (and for this, I don't know : would it be possible, for example, to allow soldiers to swap with offies ? It could be a huge help in battles and even bring a new dynamic, still without having a bonus increasing personal stats).
The thing is : if there is no bonus increasing indivual stats for others, there wouldn't be any need to change the advent FF bonus. This bonus is already only strategical without being taken into account in the ranking. I think it's now taken into account in the xp reward, so maybe it should be taken off. As well as the multiplifying factor for adv in the ranking.

In the end, there's still a bonus to find for workers (maybe something related to resistance or damages ?) and we'd be good with FF ... *aureole*. More seriously, it's just to give an example, surely not the best. And the idea is : it should be the same for other aspects of the game (=bonuses allowing to have a game possibility different according to the class, but without allowing to have better results).


Very nice thoughts...
Do we have any follow up in this subject?
Only sure fact is that changes are needed.
Especially ability to change class once..and evryone to have critical chance.
Adv have to be buffed somehow, we are less usefoul than the rest classes without the "ghosting effect" counting.