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Feedback Update 2.184

Goober Pyle

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There was extensive alpha testing of the new content (and basically no testing of the impact on PvP, and no plan for testing it beyond seeing if game breaking bugs immediately pop up on beta) A few more days weeks or even months on beta wasn't going to change anything.


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You guys are writing the same things since ten years ago. Nobody forces you to play this game.
Basically new content is a step in the right direction - so take a look first.

You clearly don't know why the update is getting bad feedback, before you talk have a quick look at this: https://forum.beta.the-west.net/index.php?threads/changelog-2-184.4277/

It's a buggy broken mess that will ruin competitive play for many players. I hope inno continues to update the game to make the best out of this update but as it stands right now it is bad.


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From the conversation, I feel like they should spend their energy on more meaningful updates (e.g another Adventure, then the other weird things like hospital, poker, etc.) Of course the feedback is not going to change much things, as they would not want to scrap everything. That being said, I do not agree with this as an excuse - if they announced it when it was planned (= talk with the customer) and the feedback was negative, that could deter them from continuing further and develop other things instead.


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I have to say I am excited to see Inno making effort for new content, a lot of people have been begging for years for there to be new content, even new players ask for changes and now you got them there is all doom and gloom from those who have asked again and again for this to happen
I think many players have gotten too comfortable in being at the top.. I feel this is exactly the shake up older worlds need to make the game play exciting again, Give those vets something to aim for again :)
Lets be really honest, most of us dont sign in for game play its the people we meet and form up into teams with. Thats what brings us all back day after day anyway and thats not changing :)
And more importantly Inno never takes back updates :D so we all just gotta get on with it :)


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Anyway, to say something useful about this update.

There are 2 possible ways from now on every single server:
  1. Because there are no set / item bonus lock in this patch, those players who will be under lvl 160, will struggre in every single fort battles which causes a huge drop of numbers on FFs
  2. As we saw on beta there will be changes on game mechanic, but I do know it will takes at least 2 years to fix everything around PvP, which means, required elements of the game will be crap for another huge time preiod so the non existed balance what we have gonna be much much worse.
The update can be good, if the management use it in a clever way, like locking every set bonuses on lvl 150 / 180, fix the PvP totally, and when everything ready / usable / playable again, with a similar script what they use for item bonus changes you just increase the set / item bonuses back to 250 because they could spend enough time. But, since the management don't ask clever players, nor asking those developers who are fixing the game only atm and not developing it, it will be a mess and they have to rush on "fixing everything".I'm 100% sure because of the hurry, these upcoming changes will be crap as well, they will not give us time to think about it, test it, and fix it (simply just use our knowledge) and there will be many issues with those upcoming changes as well.

Veterans gain too much advantage (because we all know, now a lvl 130 character with less good sets against a lvl 150 7+ years old character with a really good setup can't be better, so imagine what's gonna happen if lvl 180+ players will beat lvl 160 ones bumms), players manually need to care about rebalancing everything again so we have to mess with forts again, a single high leveled player can beat literally anyone on duels, players needs to sit here another 5 years to reach the max lvl and they can start focusing on quality agains their 17 years old opponents, etc. You all saw what will be the problem, many other players warned you in the last 5 days about them.

Overall, another good feature, what cause disaster because of stupidity. I'm curious, will the servers can handle the upcoming bad situations afterwards it will be live, because nowadays everything became very, very sensitive if we speaking about stability. :) A whole server depends on a handful of players who keep those alive, just half of them needs to dissappear, and you can look for another good server :)


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It's all DESERVED criticism for a **** update "just deal with it" yeah I love dealing with a game that ruins my own gameplay out of sheer ineptitude. I will "Just deal with" playing a game they MADE WORSE when I could be doing something much better. IT'S JUST DUMB. I am still here because I want to enjoy the game and like it for some of the fun mechanics but Inno keep inventing ways to ruin it.

Lyrinx said the important bits but also:

  • PVP is a broken coding mess, and even more broken the higher level you go (they did not test this update properly and ignored feedback, we will see many more problems to come)
  • People that spammed church for XP the last 10 years will be the BEST duellers, fort fighters & adventurers. Negating the effort & play time of those who actively did any of those activities
  • Lower level players will now have an even more impossible skill & gear gap which can now take many YEARS to close the distance.
  • There's zero worthwhile XP rewarding tasks / activities except building a high level church (and levels give you the most advantage so it's a must if you care about doing well in ANY PVP activity), the best way to gain levels is to spam 15 jobs with a script or work on a church all day. Neither are fun or encourage activity.
  • it takes BILLIONS of XP to get to level 250, people who have played since the game started and are #1 XP will barley scratch level 200. It took me 5 years on this account just to get to 150 as I do not enjoy the methods of leveling and prefer to PVP, now those that have mostly leveled for the leader board for years can absolutely trash me in FF's & Duels which is what I play for.

If you don't like the negativity and none of this applies to you who cares I'm happy for you go enjoy the game, but the update sucks for me and the majority of my friends, so many have quit because of inno decisions and I have no way to contact them and this is just another reason for the remaining to not play.

This is 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards, as people have said maybe over the next few years they will slowly release updates fixing all the problems but that in of itself is dumb. I don't play games to enjoy them in 2 years time.
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Pankreas PorFavor

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in beta the new jobs tend to lock the screen and you have to keep refreshing. that is a buggy brokenmess

locking the screen for me comes from incompatibility with tw-db.info Cloth Calc script. if I turn it off I don't have a locking problem.
also, I have that problem only on my desktop computer in Chrome, but not in FireFox. on my laptop it works fine in both browsers. I can't figure out why it behaves differently.


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Basically new content
What new content? Those jobs with extremly high requirements whose products can't be used anywhere? Just because they introduced 100 extra levels, for which you need 1.366 billion xp that you will make in 10-12 years if you play daily, does not mean that it is good content. What makes you happier that you can level up? PvP is not meant for these extremely high values. The formulas are the same from the time when a hat had 15 skills, not 500 like now.