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Feedback Update 2.172


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this is literally the only game where you can't spend any premium currency...there's nothing to spend it on.

every single event is trash; every single sale is with sets that been released years ago...
no union because it was simply too powerful at the time and still is so those people are offered an advantage;
no new sets that are requested by the community;

hell whoever is responsible for this game decided that some gringos will do good too for it

zero meaningful events...i know that a speed server will come soon. nobody wants that

i haven't been playing this game seriously in months now and as the others say...there's no chance until new content is offered.
1 and a half year or so without releasing any useful set. keep up the good work


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All sets were released early on the Beta forum to allow players to provide feedback and suggest any possible changes they wish to see made to the item/sets before the event starts on regular servers - all changes that were suggested before the event started on live servers were made to the sets.

Unfortunately, we won't have any sale this Friday :(...but we hope you still enjoy the weekend
nah i won't enjoy the weekend can't wait for new premium items such as new guns for damage etc


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Well, you know something is definitely very wrong when a person like Shiny Owl decides to write his 4th post in 8 years.

But yea maybe we need more Ukranian stuff instead of fixing the game.