Update 2.161 Feedback


it's not even about "not all sets are released with the purpose of being better than already existing once"

this is so ridiculous. dotd 2021 is basically an event where real money is spent to get sets that are worse than the current-meta sets (which have been released for years now). like ron was specifically designed to be close to phoebe ann mosey, but worse. as was samuel adams designed to be like murrieta, and so on.

this event was a missed opportunity to fix the fort fights, as were all the previous tombolas. in 2021, all year, everyone asked for a set to balance out attack and defense and you just release sets that are literally USELESS and keep the game in its current state...instead of using this chance to release a set that would balance it out

it just doesn't make any sense...who in the right mind would manage a game like this...
do i even need to mention that the ONLY employee of inno that tried to fix this game was immediately thrown out as soon as he started doing what the community wanted. singlehandedly revived a dead forum where we talk to ourselves every time a new feedback topic is coming up.

i don't know man...i wish i was so ignorant to not give a single damn about this game, just like the current management :no:
but instead i have to watch this comedy unfold every day of my life...some professional would probably say that's really questionable....oh well
One day they might throw the ball so far up in the sky it doesn't return to the ground :)