Update 2.158 Feedback


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Was this update actually done on Friday or Tuesday? I'm sure I have checked the quests I still had saved over the weekend and they were not available. As it is, it seems that the update was actually done today (I think around 1pm server)?

The last part of one of the quests needs 7 hours Transport Ammunition, and the other needs 8 hours of Exploration. Also both need a Sleep as well. I'm not sure how many will be able to complete the quests, if they even realize they are available again.

Also if you need any of the special items, they aren't available in the SHOP. The few people willing to sell their extras are usually asking $10k+ per item. Also all the special crafted items needed are going at premium prices as well... So the lower levels are still going to struggle to complete them.

I do appreciate the chance to complete them, but we really do need more time to get thru all that work. :-))


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Agree with Helen.

So, I wonder why it's not possible to extend just the quest time alone, or plus the quest items in shop other than just the Rye Ears before the event time ends. And then do those other updates (natty, other bug fixes,) later.
this one feels like a remedial for a failed exam :lol:

I forgot, but I don't think it's the first time we have event quest extension. hmm


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Harvest Time:
Harvesting fields 6 hours
Picking tobacco 5 hours
Exploration 8 hours
Picking corn 6 hours
Slept: 1/1
Transport ammunition 7 hours

Harvest festival preparation:
Harvesting fields 4 hours
Mucking out the stables 2 hours
Feed the animals 1 hour
Shoeing Horses 3 hours
Picking corn 3 hours
Slept: 1/1
Milling grains 3 hours

Those are just the long times that are needed to do jobs / sleep... That does not include having to find someone to make Honey (or other crafts) for a reasonable price, or hunting down all the special pieces you need to complete the quests.

I gave up looking for the Wheat / Rye Ears because the drop rate was so horrible. :blink:

BTW, Why have us need to do a Sleep when we have so many hours worth of jobs...? And why all the crafts? Some worlds it's nearly impossible to find someone to craft for you and the prices on the Market are insane. All to complete a quest that has a limited time to complete it.

It makes people give up on the Event and/or Event quests... :hmf:

The new Oktoberfest quest again has us trying to find crafters to make stuff for us. :-( Sigh...