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Howdy fellow players of The West!

Up for hire! or otherwise known as UFH! is an auctioned based GM event run by the moderation team where we give the players an opportunity to bid on certain characters we have designed. These characters each have a unique ability with strong skills in some aspects of The West as well as weak aspects in others - in essence, they were designed to perform certain tasks for the winning bidder at their benefit. These tasks can include hunting for high-end rare items from jobs, crafting, product farming, duelling, fort battle participation etc...

Auctions (Week 10 bidding is open!) are run for one week whereby players may place bids, and after the auction expires - the highest bidder wins that character for a full week. You will not be given access to the account, the moderation team will run the account for you while you instruct them on what to do for you with the character.

So what can they do for you?
Depending on which character you have won, each having their own unique skills, they can: -

  • Farm high luck items from jobs
  • Farm products
  • Craft items
  • Duel
  • Participate in fort fights
  • Simply be your friend, especially if you're new to the game and have no one else to talk to
At the end of the week you will receive:

  • All items gained from jobs
  • All products gained from jobs
  • All crafted items
  • All cash gained
  • Each account has special gifts, these will also be awarded to the winning bidder
  • No XP will be provided from the characters
What special gifts? These can include:

  • Nuggets
  • Bonds
  • Skills and attribute points
  • Cash lump sum
  • Special items
Why are they so expensive and will I get my money's worth?

Our highest bid on a character to date is $8 million. We have worked out a formula similar to that of the speed worlds which we use on our characters. The more cash paid on a bid, the higher the event values will be set on the account. For instance, if Sofaticia is won for $1 million, the event values set on the account will be considerably less compared to if she had been won for $5 million. This is to ensure that you will get your money's worth no matter how much the winning bid is. While each have certain skills, we won't be sharing all their information with you. For example, Sofaticia also has a high luck for finding rare items in the field, however we won't be disclosing the exact values.

The special gifts placed on the account are secret and will not be disclosed to the public, these again are also measured by the amount of cash spent on the winning bid on a specific character and may change each week.

Please note: At the Community Manager's discretion, any aspect of this GM may change without prior notice. This is to ensure fairness amongst all players in a specific world. To those whom may be affected by any changes will be contacted via support.
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Allow me to introduce to you our characters:

Notorious praire-wide as beautiful, charming and elegant, Sofaticia is a sight to behold. Her grand endeavours in many fields have won her fame and renown in every corner of the continent. Be these in the realm of finding the most sought-after treasures in The West from high luck jobs or in the heat of a tense melee duel, Sofaticia has a tendency to excel in whatever task she places before herself, and is even known to have the best Charisma attributes around! It is also rumoured that this exceptionally talented woman has been aiding sides of her choosing in fort battles; on these occasions, her opponents had best beware, for her aim is both straight and true.

Recently, a news bulletin was found posted on the town noticeboard of the large, bustling town of Leadville that Sofaticia has recently signed a contract with the infamous Game Master Events faction of The West, and has offered her services to a paying customer for a minimum bid of $150,000. As one can imagine, the news of the auction of Sofaticia’s services has spread rapidly, and many cowboys have flocked to the bidding house to attempt to bid for her! With a full premium account, praise for Sofaticia’s endeavours are soaring, and just last week, we discovered that one such cowboy has fallen deeply and dangerously in love with the flirtatious brunette from the countryside. Perhaps next week could be your turn to discover why she is so dearly sought after?

Level 135 Female
Melee dueller
Premium account
Medium to High Charisma attributes
Recommended play style: High luck jobs and product farming

Gregory McTubby: Overweight and nosey, it would not be difficult to pass a blind eye to this man’s daily wanderings. However, do not be deceived! A report recently came in that Mr. Gregory McTubby is more than he appears to be. In fact, it is rumoured that he could potentially be the richest man alive in the West! Our sources claimed that his understated house contains many treasures hidden within, and...if we may add, some items even up to the value of a huge $18,000, a figure that has in the past only been dreamed of by aspiring treasure diggers and those in the business themselves...
Recently, we discovered that the overweight man was captured and imprisoned by a member of the Game Master Events faction of The West and forced into service! As a result of this, Gregory McTubby has grown sad and somber, lacking the skill to escape the organised institution’s clutches. Throughout his captivity, he has maintained his premium account status, and can be purchased for a minimum bid of $250,000. Perhaps you would be interested in claiming for your own the great treasure hordes of Mr. McTubby. Or perhaps your motive might be to cheer up this man’s day. We are certain that a kind word or two might do him some good, considering his current predicament.

Level 145 Male
Premium account
High Charisma attributes
Recommended play style: High luck jobs

Gustav Sickley: Manager of the crafting department of the Montana Merchandise Company, it has been heard that Mr. Gustav Sickley has been contracted by the Game Master Events faction of The West to work for the highest bidder to provide them with crafting products for an entire week! Professional and very businesslike in his manner, Mr. Sickley is known to often come across as abrupt and sharp, however, it may be noted that sources close to him have confirmed to us that a small amount of flattery is often enough to placate the manager.
Mr. Sickley is so skilled in his field that he is able to craft products from all four crafting professions, up to and including level 600 products. In a public announcement a few days past from the manager’s spokesperson, he stated that he would be able to craft products unavailable to the highest bidder as a result of their chosen crafting profession to supplement the player’s stockpile of resources. Mr. Sickley’s spokesperson also noted that it would also be possible for buffs to be crafted for the player to be able to enhance a particular area of their gameplay. It certainly sounds as if bidding for Mr. Sickley's services might be worth your while!

Level 92 Male
Premium account
High range of job attributes
Recommended play style: Product farming and crafting

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Now that you've been acquainted with our characters and like what you see, how do you enter you ask? It's simple and part of the fun, you now get to go head to head in a bidding war against your fellow players in our weekly auctions!

We will announce when a new auction is available in our Saloon, these usually being every second week. These auctions are also world specific which means you will have a better chance in winning a character.

The worlds you are able to bid on are:

  • World 1
  • World 11
  • World 12
  • Arizona
  • Briscoe County
  • Colorado
  • Dakota
  • El Dorado
Unfortunately all closed worlds are excluded from the event.

In the announcement post in our Saloon, you will be presented with a table indicating which characters are available in which worlds as well as their current bid status and leading bidders. If you would like to bid on a character, you simply need to make a new post indicating your player name, world, the character whom you're bidding on and amount being bid (Of course this will need to be a higher value than the current bidder's value) and it will need to be more than 5% of the current bid value. During the course of the week, the announcement table will be updated with all new bids.


Overall Status
| Sofaticia | Gregory McTubby | Gustav Sickley
World 1 | | | |
World 11 | | | |
World 12 | | | |
Arizona | | | |
Briscoe County | | | |
Colorado | | | |
Dakota | | | |
El Dorado | | | |
World 1 |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
World 11 |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
World 12 |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
Arizona |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
Briscoe |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
Colorado |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
Dakota |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |
El Dorado |Winning Bidder | Amount
Sofaticia | | |
Gregory McTubby | | |
Gustav Sickley | | |

Please be aware:

  • All bids on these auctions are binding and you may only bid on a character if you have the available funds in your bank (Not on hand or on the market).
  • If for any reason you cannot pay for the bid when the auction ends, you will be placed on a watchlist and funds will be deducted from your account when they are available until such time you have paid the bid in full. Further transgressions of this nature can lead to an account suspension.
  • You may cancel your bid by sending a PM to Da Twista, you will need to provide a valid reason before we can process your request. A valid reason does not include "I'm sorry but I spent the money on an item I desperately wanted".
  • You may not bid on another player's behalf or run a character for another player while he is on the cool-down timer.
Bid sniping:
With all auctions you do run the risk of losing just before the auction ends when another player places a bid just before it expires. All auctions expire at midnight the following Sunday in the week the auction was opened. Any bid placed on a character after 23:55 PM will increase the auction time by 5 minutes only on that character in that specific world. If a further bid is placed in the extended auction time, another 5 minutes will be added onto the auction. Bid increments will need to be at least 10% of the current bid amount for them to qualify as a successful bid during the final minutes of the bid i.e. 23:55 PM onwards.

To give you an example:
Player A is winning a bid on Sofaticia on Arizona
Player B places a higher bid on Sofaticia on Arizona at 23:58 PM
Auction timer is extended to 00:05 AM
Player A places a higher bid on Sofaticia on Arizona at 00:02 AM
Auction timer is extended to 00:10 AM
Note: Players bidding on Sofaticia on other worlds without further bids will not have this timer extension added.

Hoarding characters?
Come on, let's give all players a chance to participate in this unique event! Per auction, you may only bid on one character at a time. If you're outbid on a character in a world, you may bid on another character or outbid your rival. That choice is yours but one player may only bid on one character per week.
Players winning auctions in a specific week may not bid on characters in the following auction, you will be placed on a cool-down list giving others the opportunity to also win characters. In other words, you can only win a character every second auction.
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Frequently asked questions and other formalities:

1. I've won a bid, what now?
Once an auction has ended, the moderators will tally up each individual auction and contact the winners via our ticket support system with further instructions. When the week starts with your character, we will be in constant communication with you via the in-game chat and telegram system.

2. Can my character duel other players?
Yes, by all means you can request the player to duel other players. The characters are set to duel following all current game mechanics but unless the character is skilled to duel and stipulated under their character profile, the chances of getting anything good out of duelling is low. By default, a character cannot be duelled by other players in a world, but if you request them to duel, this setting will be turned off which opens them up to be attacked by the players.
Characters that specialize in duelling such as Doge the Bounty Hunter has their own separate set of rules which will follow next week.

3. Can my character participate in fort battle?
Yes, if you request they join a fort battle, they will join. However, we cannot guarantee that character not specialized in fort battles will do any good or even be online for that matter.
Characters that specialize in fort battles have their own separate set of rules which will follow soon.

4. Can Gustav craft a lot of weapons and buffs for me?
Mr. Sickley follows the same game mechanics in crafting as all players do except he is able to craft items from all four professions. He can craft weapons, but once per week according to the cool-down timer on those specific crafts. He can craft as many buffs as you want too, but note that he will need to farm the products from jobs or be provided with these products from the player first.

5. It says Tubby can find items up to $18 000!! Why didn't I get an $18k item?
Mr. McTubby can find items up to $18 000 but it is not a guarantee. We do place GM events settings on each account according to the winning bid amount but even with these settings in place, the character will still follow the normal game mechanics even with these enhancements.

6. If I win a character for a week and paid $750 000. What can I expect in return?
Depending on which character was won, since each have their own unique skills, we aim to give back to the player the same amount as they initially paid. This can be in in-game cash, bonds, items, products, crafted items etc... Items that are not auctionable cannot be provided to the player.

7. How do I get all my stuff at the end of the week?
Once your week with a character has ended, you will automatically be teleported into a GM town for collection of all items via the market. This is to ensure no one can steal your items. All cash gained on the character's profile as well as the cash you spent buying the items off the market will be transferred back to you. Special items will be placed in your account automatically.
Once all prizes have been awarded to the player, you will be placed back in your original town.

8. What happens if I become unavailable due to unforeseeable circumstance?
If for any reason you have become unavailable and we are not able to contact you, the moderator running the account will simply keep the account running according to your previous requests.

9. I bid a lot of cash on my character and I don't like using him anymore, I would like to cancel this and have my money returned!
By bidding on a character, you have agreed to follow our rules and procedures for this event. If in the event you would like to cancel your character, only 50% of your winning bid will be returned to you.

10. This is a stupid event, why are you making the rich even more rich?
With all events the moderation team run and maintain, we start off with a test phase of the campaign locating any possible problems and exploits. Once we are satisfied that we can run such a campaign without problems, we expand it over a broader audience. To prevent the rich from getting even more rich, we have put in a new safeguard that will prevent a player from participating in every event. We have also expanded this event globally so there can be more players participating per week and not aimed directly at those with massive bank accounts.

11. I am busy participating in a CTG event in a world I have a character on, can I use my character to help out?
The UFH! along with other EN only events are run by volunteer moderation staff. We do not interfere with campaigns run by InnoGames nor do we allow a player to combined events they are participating in together. If you're participating in a CTG, our UFH! characters will have no part of it.

12. How come my character is not doing what I wanted it to do?
It has happened that confusion has been created due to the lack of instructions given to us. Please, when you instruct your character, make sure they are precise and to the point. You may communicate with your character as much as you like, you may change their instructions at any given time but moderators are not on these accounts 24/7. Please give us some time to adjust to your new instructions.