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Up for hire! Bidding

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I found these scallywags sitting in the dungeon and would like to make a quick buck off of them.

I have two players available to the highest bidder.

Sofaticia - Beautiful brunette, level 135 with only the best Charisma attributes available 'round these parts. She specializes in finding only the best items in high luck jobs and one helluva melee dueler. Did I mention she is a pretty nifty shot in fort battles? Premium account.

Gregory McTubby - Useless as they come, it can be used for farming products but put a gun in his hand and you he will surely lose more toes. But, not all that bad, he is the only man alive known to have found items worth up to $18k from jobs. He seems to have a knack for finding those hard to find rare items. Premium account.

Gustav Sickley - Not much of an inventor but a senior in the crafting department. Only player available in all The West that has the ability to craft all 4 profession recipes! This player will be useful to those whom are needing crafted products that are not available from their profession OR to those players who want a lot of buffs to enhance their gameplay OR those players who would like to gain higher levels in crafting. This man right here is an ace in finding a lot of products very quickly, which will be needed for crafting of course.

All players are up for grabs to the highest bidder. You will not have access to the accounts but your wish is their command. They will wait on you 24/7 for one full week doing whatever you need done. All items they gained are yours to keep. You can use them to duel enemies and you may use them in fort battles.

Bidding closes on the November 16th 2014 23:59PM Server Time
Fake bids will result in your account being suspended.



NPC|Bid Amount| Player||World|
Sofaticia | $ 150,000 | -| | - Gregory McTubby | $ 250,000 | -| | - Gustav Sickley | $ 200,000 | -| | -

NPC|Bid Amount| Player||World|
Sofaticia | $ 5,000,000 | stian78| | Colorado Gregory McTubby | $ 6,200,000 | Dozydiver| | - Gustav Sickley | $ 3,000,000 | PtyLtd| | -

Our first week winners decided to give us and you a review on how the first week went having an NPC helping them out. I'm sure this will convince some.

Kraaky said:
Hello everyone,

My ingame name is Kraaky, and I'm the 1st auction winner for the services of Sofaticia.

I'm always looking for new things in this game and I can honestly say that this kind of auction for "slaves" is definitely an improvement.
In case I want to hire Sofa again, it's in my best interest to keep you lot a bit in the dark about the details, so I'm not going to spill all the beans. This is an light R.P.G. after all. :p
She found a couple of decent items that normal players can't find on jobs (luck value) and if you tally everything I got more than what I paid for, so it's obviously a good deal. In addition to the cash and items I got 2 unique things from winning the event, what they're I'll keep a secret, but lets just say that it's worth it.

Sofa is very nice, playful and will follow your every order, I gave her extra tea for energy and chewing tobacco for job motivation, she's more than willing to accept any buff you give her. I had her mostly working high luck jobs and I asked to attend a couple of fort battles, she doesn't have the best HP but she does a lot of damage, if an admin can be online he/she will follow the orders of the general and if not Sofa will act like any normal offliner during the battle.

All my questions to Sofa ingame or to Da Twista in a support ticket were answered pretty quick and in great detail. The service you get to help you out is excellent.

I'm very satisfied with the event, and can't wait until they introduce new NPC's for us to bid on.

Kind regards,


Daykoda said:
I'l like to thank Inno and the West.net team for the making available the character Gregory Mc Tubby.
it was a great experience to have full control over another character in the same world.
I have received a lot of rare items, products and other elements of the game.
My bid for Tubby was high at $ 8 mil, but it was worth every penny.
I will be bidding for an NPC character again, and I'm looking forward to trying a few new things out with them.


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More info, please :) We can only bid here, in public? Bidding closes on the 12th - at XX:YY server time..?

Bidding on the forum only, we will contact you once the bid date expires.

We will then ask you for instructions on how you want this account to be run, we will then proceed for one full week doing what you want to be done, and all proceeds will be transferred to you at the end.

Bidding expires 12/08/2014 at 23:59.


It so happens that Gregory has a million dollars in his bank account, score for you perhaps?
i can remember spending 2 mil or so once on the lottery once. McTubby won't bring me a Howdah or GT but at least I would get something for the cash.


Ill bid 215k for Sofaticia on world 13! Does she do anything except Give items away for free?
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