Umbria Recruiting


HELLO to all townless members of Dakota!

I am Sater (the founder and current mayor of my town, Umbria), and I am looking for more active citizens!

We currently have 51,405 town points (building), and 53,847 town points total.
Our town is rank 59.

Any classes are allowed to join, although we would prefer Soldiers and Duellers right now as we are looking to raise our town's Mort stats. Workers and Advents will not be turned away; we have 32 spots at the time of this posting!

Please contact myself, Sater, in-game on World Dakota, if you want to join. Alternatively, contact Hermie the Horrible, General Galois, or JubroneyKiller in-game on World Dakota if I do not respond to your telegram.

We are located in County 5 (currently "Bloody Barren" county), in the southwest of the county. We are allied with the "Hells Coming" alliance.

Thank you for looking at this post and considering our town!


Finally time to update this!

We currently have 245,861 town points (building), 10,016 fort points, 11,620 member points and 267,554 town points total.
Our town is rank 17.

We are now the proud owners of the fort "Tom Selleck" and the county "Umbriaception".

We are also in the top 10 on Westforts! Umbria is one of the top class fort fighting towns, so FFers will have a fun time in our town!

We are still looking to raise our Mort stats, any Duellers (not just the class) will be accepted immediately!

We have 9 spots in Umbria but this flucutates frequently, so always be on the lookout to see if you can get a spot in the town if interested!

We are now allied with the "Rust In Peace" alliance, and we are located in the "Doctors Office" county. Prior to this, we were allied with the now defunct "Unchained" alliance. We were also the founding town of the FoC alliance.

Contact me or any other town hat of Umbria if you are interested.

Thank you for looking at this post and considering our town!

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