P&P TW/SB falling apart?

Desi Boukerse

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Tom, it is a game..
Why would you get angry??
There are many things out there in the big bad world that should make you angry.
Loosing a fort in a game shouldn't be one of them.

I should make a fortune cookie sentence for you but i suck in those.
So you will just have to do it with this one:

It is a game. Have fun and lighten up.


You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Desi Boukerse again.

well put desi...


If Derek comes back and organise TW again - its ok. If not - then there might be time when the only challenge for our fort battle fighters will be how many forts we can take per day. As many still play this game just because of fort battles.
I don't get it, what do you guys find so exciting about forts, I have found the entire battling system cumbersome, and thus avoid the entire experience like a contagious disease. Bit off topic I know. Anyway different players have their own specialties, obviously it would seem Derek's is fort battles, and the associated bureaucracy.

Desi Boukerse

Has gone psycho
yeah. the bureacracy is an inreasingly pain in the behind.
the fighting is quite funny actually.
You just need to get the hang of it.


I don't get it, what do you guys find so exciting about forts...
i guess it depends on each person - some like one things, some other things in this game. Personally i've been playing this game for quests as i've enjoy them, tried dueling for some time but found it just too borring - right now i'm playing just because of fort battles. Its like chess for me - just a bit more complex and involved people skills.


..... what can i say... TW leaders are really funny :)

They block my messages and expect to get answers :)

Derek1982 On 5/23/10 at 10:58 PM You were right not to reply because this is ..... bla bloa bla


All the great names of The West are going by the wayside so it seems... *sigh*

Desi Boukerse

Has gone psycho
Well, you can't really say Blondie has a big reputation on W1, but he is falling apart for sure.. Signed up for the attack on fort Northern Lights -SB-..

Don't know what he wants, but it looks like he really lost track somewhere down the road


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Hmm... I know that most people aside from the people in the -TW-, SB, WP, WWPA and IC Bank alliance won't know who I am or think I've done anything worthwhile, but the alliance know who I am and I'd like to put in my two cents.

lokiju's reasoning for multi battling is because they have less people, and according to his reasoning this means that in order for the fight to be fair, they need to resort to multi-battle tactics. I see a flaw in this belief. Forts only hold a certain amount of attackers/defenders, right? And if I am correct, the resistance/Miestas has by far enough people to max out one battle, and though the joint alliance has more people than the Resistance and Miestas, what difference does it make if we can only fit in 50 or 42 of us into a small fort, and you can max it out as well.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that's still a fair fight. Regardless of your numbers, multi battles will not be fair, because believe it or not, we are only human (or images on a screen, whatever). It's not like we can just get every single member of the alliance to get to the right fort on time and be online every single time the multi crap goes on.

Yes, we are more than capable of taking back the forts using the same tactic, but where's the fun in that? Isn't it more fun to have a completely maxed out large fort attack than multiple battles with 10-20 defenders that lasts for a whole 5 rounds. And since this is just a game, it is about having fun. So, people stop having fun, they quit the game. People quit the game, the world dies. The world dies, your side can't do anything either. Who wins in that situation? Please tell me. I don't want to see this game die.

I say all this respectfully and just to get a point across, not to bash you or your tactics lokiju, although they are ruining the game and I am thoroughly against the way you use them.

PS. (Irrelivant to the rest of the post) Are you just trying to bump up your post count tom? You don't seem to be saying much at all.

@OAN, I will add you to my mail list.


I say all this respectfully and just to get a point across, not to bash you or your tactics lokiju, although they are ruining the game and I am thoroughly against the way you use them.
Personally it does not bother me that much, just so long as all the battles are not all at exactly the same time, that is a right pain. If I can't get to one battle I will just go the the next one, and so forth. Not that I battle that often.

Im still uncertain as to where all the cash comes from to fund these battles, considering lokiju's allies are supposed to be so few in number.....:unsure: