TW Pro & Firefox?

Capt. Caveman

A thousand pardons if this has been addressed, but I haven't found my answers yet.

I'm running Firefox 6.0.2 and upgraded to TW Pro per the message I got when I logged in yesterday.

I'm still having the same problems. The second I open my inventory and select a job then open a shop or the Market or assign a job, everything comes to a screeching halt and I get the user script having problems message.

Is there a fix available or in the works?


Desi Boukerse

Has gone psycho
This isn't a bug (atleast no bug that inno games can do anything about)

This will be moved to the external sites discussion.

Suzy Q

If you uses McAfee, that can be the problem, their script protection don't work well with ff 6.x, I got a warning about that the other day.