Tucker's Trading Post Now Open!

Tucker Blue

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Contact in game for bulk purchases of:
Newspaper "The Western Star"
Glass Of Water

Auxiliary products for sale:
Semi-Precious Stones
Crab Meat
Peace Flower

Level 600+ Tonic Peddler. Items created for listed product price.
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Tucker Blue

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Special Update:

WTT Full 10pc Cortes Set including 3 saddles, 2 horses, 2 helmets, 2 belts and choice between melee or ranged dueling weapon for Your Hombre Shotgun OR Hombre Doll. Deal of the century! SOLD

Just in! New Player Clothing Set!
Full 8pc Freeman Set. Only 35k! (excess purchase funds returned through bank money transfer) SOLD
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Tucker Blue

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Want to buy recipes:
[Instructions: Write ghostly music]

Whisper or mail in game.

Trading Post Update: See Original Post.
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Tucker Blue

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Master Crafter Sale!

Habanero Chilis 25k
Cobra Teeth 25k
Gold-Plated Cogwheels 25k
Cossack Saddle Blanket 10k

Multiples of each. Whisper or mail in game with order.