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I run a blog: DzikiTW.Wordpress.Com (an unofficial polish, non profit source of game info, 100% authorized by us players)

Recently in views stats I've nocited the other nations need kind of blog like mine to get info about game news and quest ect. in their languages.

I'm looking for translators (EN>RU/RO/DE/CZ/SK/HU/ES). Perhaps you don't mind to help the other players with translating my blog? I mean future articles.
Contact me on FB

Greetings, Wojcieszy
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Much appreciated on your blog mi amigo...seems as information in the .net worlds are hit or miss as of late.

Tucker Blue

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Yeah some words are slightly different but with a little brainsqueeze you can figure them out. For instance it may say shawl instead of scarf or something like that.