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Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Dalorian, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    Hey All...

    What do you think?

    I'm sure you all have great ideas, but in game, you are traveling, perhaps to a fort for a battle? or to one of your sister towns for some new item? Perhaps your just exploring???

    Here's mY Idea...

    Each town/fort can build a new building. A TRAIN YARD...

    The train yard (when fully upgraded) will charge each traveler Less money per ticket too reach their destination based on the train yards level; from where they start and where their destination is. You could also work at the train yard QUEST job to save up the necessary tickets to make your trip...

    Once you get enough tickets or buy enough tickets from your Town/Fort of Origin, (Depending on where you want to go and where you start) you can travel too any destination on the maps which has an equal or lower level Train yard in their Town/Fort for you to travel to and as long as they are connected by Train Tracks...

    In Order for a train yard to be able to take anyone anywhere, The Train needs TRACKS... So; there will be a Founder option for Towns/Forts to lay tracks between those locations of consent by the founders of those locations. If both Locations agree to lay tracks, they can both start laying tracks by spending CITY FUNDS from all concerned towns in order to connect the 2 locations (Construction is done by simply going too the construction window in the town/fort window that will appear after a connected track has been approved between both locations). Depending on the distance between the 2 locations and the obstacles and detours the track might need to take, the track could become OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE for DIRECT CONNECTIONS>>.... Or easy and simple and cheap for Short connections... THe Construction will Of COurce require STeel, and other resources.... This will promote direct connect track connections between many towns/cities in order to save money, and later on, for the richer cities; this will mean Direct connections if they can afford it...

    Trains are much faster then even the Fastest Steed, But of course, There will still always be horses...

    There's alot of little details I'm sure I'm leaving out of this but I'm sure you'll all probably find them and fill them in for me :laugh:



    History Has Proven This
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  2. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    If you do a search for "trains" in this forum, you'll find that several people have put forth their ideas about transportation in The West. It might be best if you read through those and posted your idea in one of those threads. :)
  3. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    While I do feel sorry if I Inconvenienced you to Read my Unique Perspective on this idea, I Don't regret starting a new thread for it and I dont Apologize for it. Im sure noone else has quite the same take on Transportation as I do... I realize There have been other transportation threads started, and I for one started one of them earlier... But This one is very unique and Fairly detailed and I feel it deserves a new start... I wont be back for no more then 24 hours from now, So dont expect any responses before then... If I do respond before then, its just timing... Thank You...
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  4. Gravvity

    Gravvity Guest

    to be honest I think there were some better visions on transportation. But it's simple. it ain't gonna happen, dev's don't want it. Game doesn't neccesarely need it
  5. DSG

    DSG Guest

    It was suggested before - CLICK
  6. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    I beg to differ... My idea dosent limit the train yards to 1 per quadrant, and gives great detail on how it would all work within the first post, along with giving the concept of rail way tracks and track construction for agreed conjoining towns/forts...

    ALso, Players on horseback could attack trains as they are traveling, and if sucessful, rob them and a small amount of cash from all people traveling on said train....

    Towns could transfer monies between towns and forts via train, and if not properly protected with town members to defend them on their travel, Train robbers could loot the entire transference of gold... Great for enemy towns at war with eachother to rob towns of their vital monies, but bad for the towns who didnt send enough protection...
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  7. Gravvity

    Gravvity Guest

    I also think the game needs some way of faster transportation but the dev's don't want it in the game.
  8. TexasHunter

    TexasHunter Guest

    trains are old idea but i still think it is very very good idea. :D
  9. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    I agree and see great progress for our goal to colonize the west if we start construction of local Railways IMMEDIATELY...
  10. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    It will take lots of Blueprinting and many many figures of math, but with Newton and Hard labor; IT CAN be done...
  11. ThMystrus

    ThMystrus Guest

    Colonization is what worries mee. :unsure:
  12. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    We are already colonized here in the west... BUt what now??? WHy is it that noone is letting us go any further with our expansive westernly policies and we are stuck to dwindel here in the stale dirt...
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  13. jamesrebel

    jamesrebel Guest

    I think its a excellent idea
  14. j dahl

    j dahl Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2009
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    I think it would match the west nicely! As I have said before in other thread, great idea. You also have a nice detailed plan, and i hope we can get somwhere with it :)
  15. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    Thanks, I just hope that in some way or another, Train tracks and Train Yards are eventually introduced... :-/
  16. badbat111

    badbat111 Member

    Nov 10, 2008
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    it sounds good and also bad since train yard would stop the use of donkeys and horses unless the train is set to a high price for the disance traveled like in the same grid would be cheap but using the train to travel from 1 side of the map to the other would cost a bomb

    as for a train yard in citys dont do it it should be for forts only to many citys not good but theres not many forts which meens the train yard thing wont be abused

    edit there are tickets in the game the job called laying rail road track gives you a ticket but you cant sdo a thing with them maybe the ticket from the laying rail road job can give a discout if its bought into play like half price fair or some thing
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  17. Dalorian

    Dalorian Guest

    If you go back, You'll see I gave good ideas on how to keep horses from becoming un-used....

    The first trains only ever traveled around the same speed or slower then the fastest horses...
  18. Major-Sharpe

    Major-Sharpe Guest

    Im going to piggy back you I hope you don't mind.
    I like the train idea but why not keep it simple, for the top, middle and bottom columns across the world theres a train track smack bang in the center of all though countys in them columns, which has 3 stops. Starting from far left, center and far right. You go to the station you wish to start at click on it buy ticket $50 to the middle and $100 for straight across the world. The speed should be 20% faster than the Quarter Horse.
    No train tracks going down any columns, just across the 3 columns I mentioned and that's all there is to it no taxi service to one town to the other.
    If going by train doesn't help you then you ride on out and for though it does help out a little your still going to have to ride the rest of the way. Though to get from one end of the world to the other this idea will be beneficial to say the least.

    I can see why the Developers don't want to add anything like this , though no harm in suggesting :D Kudos Dalorian for bring it up again :cool:
  19. fossil1999

    fossil1999 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2009
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    why not make the speed of horses stak with trains,
    B train is 10 speed on the map for everyone, but with a pony it gos 12 speed on the map for the Character that has the pony?
    what do you think? it will make players keep and buy horses,
  20. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Umm...because that makes no sense. If you're walking, riding a horse, or riding a lawnmower on a train you won't get there any faster than if you were sitting still on the train.