Traditional Pumpkin hunt 2020


The West Team
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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

We're now past Halloween time and pumpkin-surprises have been buried in the wild prairie. Search the area for 100 pumpkins before winter comes and covers them all with snow!

From November 18th 12:00 until December 2nd 12:00 you will have the chance to find up to 100 pumpkins, with just a little luck, while completing jobs on the map. A small gift meant to make your everyday life in the prairie easier has been hidden in each pumpkin. So, keep your eyes open!

Some pumpkins will contain another, smaller pumpkin - a cheerful-looking pumpkin, a confused-looking pumpkin, a mischievous-looking pumpkin, or an angry-looking pumpkin. If you collect three smaller pumpkins of the same type, a mysterious quest will be unlocked... When you accept it, the 3 pumpkins will disappear from your inventory and the quest will start. There are 4 quests available, one for each pumpkin type. You will find three quests in the saloon, and one more somewhere on the map! The completion of all 4 quests will be rewarded with an achievement. Each of the quests, in addition to other tasks, will require you to find 3 additional smaller pumpkins of the same type to complete.

The content of droppable pumpkins:

Each pumpkin you find will contain one item from the following pool of possible items:
Cheerful-looking pumpkin7%
Confused-looking pumpkin7%
Mischievous-looking pumpkin7%
Angry-looking pumpkin7%
40 Bonds3.3%
90 Bonds2%
200 Bonds1.2%
Character bonus medal3.3%
Energy bonus medal3.3%
Automation bonus medal3.3%
Income bonus medal3.3%
Higher speed bonus medal3.3%
Life juice1.6%
Liquid life1.6%
Can of spinach3.3%
Ratatouille with Fish2%
Ground rocket turtle shell1.6%
Halloween Pumpkin4%
Luck boost2.8%
Product boost2.8%
Experience boost2.8%
Dollar boost2.8%
3 day VIP Longtimer0.8%
Recipe Book1.6%
Energy box1.3%
Pumpkin collection card4%
Day of the Dead 2016 Chest3.3%
Day of the Dead 2015 Chest2.5%
Day of the Dead 2014 Chest1.6%

Additionally, from November 19th 12:00 until December 2nd you will be able to find 3 seasonal items in the Union Pacific Shop:

A pumpkin soup:

Energy increase: 100%
Duel motivation increase: 45%
Work motivation increase: 45%

A pumpkin cake:

Health point bonus: 60%
Energy increase: 40%

A pumpkin collection card:

Contains one of the following collector cards:
  • Glowing pumpkin picture
  • Cheerful-looking pumpkin picture
  • Confused-looking pumpkin picture
  • Mischievous-looking pumpkin picture
  • Angry-looking pumpkin picture

The four quest-triggering pumpkins (cheerful, confused, mischievous and angry) will also be available in the shop.

Have fun and see you in the game!
Your The West Team