Aztec Gold

searching after Aztec gold for crafting, will pay reasonable prize. message me ingame on same nick. :)



Hello again,

Now in need of a Master Saddler - would like a Canteen produced
Any takers - please drop me a 'gram




I need the following: (Blacksmith)
Pan x1
Knife x3

If you can help, send me an in game tele and I will provide the products you require :)


EDIT: I have this sorted now - No need to contact me!!
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WTB Gold dust


Contact me ingame if you want to sell or trade gold dust with me, have a big inventory so I might have what you might need.

Stein Erik


I am looking to get a few items just to finish off my collections. If you have them available I am happy to buy them from you at the minimum price and the turn around and sell them right back to you. There are a few items I would like to buy and keep if you are not using or need them. PM me in the game and I will let you know what I need, this also applies to others who want to finish off their collections, if I have something that would help you finish yours off I would be willing to sell it to you and buy it back. I would be willing to pay over a little for the item, that would let you make a little profit for helping me out. I will post the things I am needing to complete my collections in my profile.



I am a Blacksmith and I am interested in trading for charcoal, lead and a tinderbox. Please telegram me in world 10 if you want to trade.


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Hey, anyone still around who would be selling Resin to this down on his luck Blacksmith? Let me know!