ash 42

i got a donkey for sale if anyone is trying to complete the mexican set im your guy its for sale for 175$ minumium bid
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Ive got a few items to sell:

2x Pillows $500 each (Sleepy Head Set)
2x Golden Indian necklaces $660 each (Indian Set)
20x Tequila $15 each (Mexican Set)
1x Mexican Bandana $700 (Mexican Set)
3x Stone Chains $500 each
2x Strange Lump of Dirt $6500 each



Hernando's Sword
Night gown
Belle Starrs Deringer

Make me some offers in-game


If anyone has a Brown Shawl , or will buy one in their town and put it on the market for me I'll pay $5500.

Send me a message in game.

Fly Parker

I'm looking to buy Black Soft Leg Guards and a Brown Pistol Belt in case anyone has spares to sell.

Willing to pay large markup fee, if needed.

Edit: Contact me in game, please.
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Does any of you high lvl finders have the Calamity Jane's cartridge belt?

I'm ready to pay a very good price for it - indeed i'm a low lvl fighter, but i have ehaps of cash from working on cash jobs day in and day out

if anyone has it, please send your offer to me via igm


can anyone put pilgrims dress shoes on market pm me ingame kranky05 at the dead zone thanks


LF Cody's Dagger or Bowie's Knife

Just read the title.
And send an offer.
IGN: Shadowess

Mr. Wee

If any town have Fancy leg guards, then send me an invite!!
My ingame username is ziimulis


would anyone be intrested in the xmas scalf,,its a mistake release,so impossibly rare


Looking to trade my bear for Al's belt

Anybody interested? Please message me ingame.


Thanks to Longhorn and those that offered assistance - greatly appreciated
Good to see the Spirit of The West lives on :)

I am in need of a tonic peddlar to manufacture an item I need for a quest
Any one out there - please drop me a 'gram



(Wild Boyd)
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