Trading Post


Thx Elmyr for the specification. This one is really hard to get on arizona.


looking for harmonicas knee breechers........

telegram me ingame if you wish to sell one....i got money to buy them......


Trading both the Chingach Belt and Boots for his Chestplate. Let me know here or in Arizona telegram. Thanks!


I am looking to buy a pair of Harmonica's knee breeches and Howdah Pistol. Drop me a message in game.

Got the Harmonica's after a long wait. Still would like to buy the InnoGames Belt and Howdah pistol (know it is a long shot but can compensate well :) )
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I'm looking to buy Natty's pants on Arizona. Send me private message in this forum to negotiate a deal.


Looking for Blacksmith recipes for "Create Hip Flask" & "Watchmaker's Tools".


I am selling allot of rare's clothing and weapons distance and melee contact me if u are interested


Chings breastplate

I have Will Munny's coat...Willing to trade it for Ching's breast plate in Arizona

Plz PM me in game if interested :)


Want to sell Billy the Kid's Skull Belt and/or Wyatt Earp's Colt Buntline - Telegram me in game (or here I suppose) if interested.


Cullen's Razor

I am looking for this item and I have cash and other items of the new sets that might interest some of you. If you have this razor and want to trade please contact me on the game killblade81


Still lots of good stuff to buy. And the money is going to go to new players (to try and get them to stay as per the other posts), so consider it a good social cause to buy my stuff!