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Firstly, you need $300 and at least 80 energy points. Look for places on the map that look like this, when you hover your cursor over it, a text box will tell you that you can found a town here.


Click on that icon and this window will pop-up, where you can name your town and begin construction. It takes 8 hours to found your town. :)



Hey, don't found your own town yet if you're a new player. You need experienced townmates/allies in order for you to learn this game. And not to mention that the game will be boring if you're alone in your town or if your townmates are noobs too which will be the most probable case in the future.


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I would recommend taking over a ghost town, they're usually grey'd out, and are already built up some instead of starting over new. Unless, of course you want to start out new to build it up yourself. I wouldn't listen to MrFundamentals, I started a worker class before, built a town up by myself for fun, I liked it, maybe not for everyone, but try it out if you want too. ;p


LOL. It may be fun but having good and experienced townmates/allies helps a new player very much. They can give you items, tips, etc.

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Ghost towns are GREAT if you're looking to buy equipment. You can take over a fully-built one, buy everything that they have for sale, then DITCH it and move on to ANOTHER one. I know it takes 8 hours to take one over and you can't even START on another one for another 2, but the SAVINGS you make over buying from a foreign town are ASTRONOMICAL. :D