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Discussion in 'World 4 Town Recruitment' started by Mullet007, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    hey all you westers im going to found a town when i have enough money. post here or send me a telegram or pm so i can put you on the waiting list. the town will probably out in the real west of the map.
    we will need pure workers(laborers) and moneymakers(duelers, adventurers, and soldiers).
    you can fill out this application if you want to.(it will get you higher on the waiting list than someone who doesnt fill it out)
    :D:DApplication Form

    InGame Name:
    What's yo name foo'?!
    Character Level (XP/XP): What level you are and how close you are to your next.
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking? Or maybe you've found your new home & are seeking a change of pace/scenery/neighbors. Simply state "Town name/Homeless - Looking/Not Looking".
    Previous Residency: What towns have you lived in before? Think of this as a job reference on a resume. in any other worlds.
    Accumulated Contributions: What have you contributed to your previous towns? Labor time? Money? in any other worlds
    Cash/Bank Account: How much cash do you have? Towns require a lot of cash to build and as a residing member.
    Highest Attribute: Your best attribute.
    1st Highest Skill: Your highest rated skill.
    2nd Highest Skill: Your 2nd highest rated skill.
    3rd Highest Skill: 3rd highest skill.
    Intended Character Build: Describe what particular areas of expertise you desire for your character, such as: Dueling, construction, particular Jobs you want to master, etc.
    Declared Intentions: State plainly what it is you truely intend to offer to the town in the way of funds and/or labor to fuel it's expansion. You may have other things to offer such as roleplaying content, HTML skills, whatever, list them if they're relevant.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Maybe you require your hometown to have a particular job right next to it. Maybe you don't want to live where there's a Mortician (Makes dueling possible). Etc.

    lets make the best town in the west W4!!!
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  2. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    Waiting list
    1)moneymaker- mullet007
    2)moneymaker- Lucildence
    3)worker- snipeyourazz18
    4)worker- GIzmo85
    5)moneymaker- silia
    next residence
    6)worker- pichumy
    7)worker- BuzzSaw
    8)moneymaker- Krondore
    9)moneymaker- femami
    10)moneymaker- Blungy
    next residence
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  3. boyboy24

    boyboy24 Guest

    InGame Name: boyboy24
    Character Level (XP/XP): level 3 just level
    Current Residency: Homeless looking for town
    Previous Residency: i have a world 2 town that build fast
    Accumulated Contributions: i give money and also build thing
    Cash/Bank Account: still little but very fast earn de
    Highest Attribute: strenght
    1st Highest Skill: vigor 10
    2nd Highest Skill: construction 5
    3rd Highest Skill: toughness 1
    Intended Character Build: to earn money and to build
    Declared Intentions: fund and to build up the town
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  4. pichumy

    pichumy Guest

    InGame Name: pichumy
    Character Level (XP/XP):lvl11 5/154 exp
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking
    Previous Residency: Dead Can Dance on w2, Suicide Valley on w3
    Accumulated Contributions: In w2 money(dueling). in w3 Money as well(adventurer
    Cash/Bank Account:
    Highest Attribute: Strength
    1st Highest Skill: Construction (43+4)
    2nd Highest Skill: None
    3rd Highest Skill: None
    Intended Character Build: Pure Construction
    Declared Intentions: I intend to build up the town.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Be nearby some high construction jobs.
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  5. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    alright some people are responding but we still need more workers.
  6. Lucildence

    Lucildence Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    InGame Name: Lucildence
    Character Level (XP/XP): 4
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking
    Previous Residency: None in W4 but amd in major towns in W1, and W2
    Accumulated Contributions: Lots of money and labour.
    Cash/Bank Account: 102
    Highest Attribute: strength
    1st Highest Skill: not spent yet.
    2nd Highest Skill: not spent yet
    3rd Highest Skill: not spent yet.
    Intended Character Build: Still deciding, money maker through jobs primarily.
    Declared Intentions:game experience from the other 3 worlds and regular player and contributor
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Town forum.
  7. Blungy

    Blungy Guest

    InGame Name: Blungy
    Character Level (XP/XP): level 7 25/74
    Current Residency: Homeless- Looking
    Previous Residency: World 2 - 2750 point town; World 3-2250 point town
    Accumulated Contributions: 3150$ world 2; 1173$ on world 3.
    Cash/Bank Account: 134$
    Highest Attribute: Mobility
    1st Highest Skill: Setting Traps
    2nd Highest Skill: Repairing (irrelevant)
    3rd Highest Skill: Toughness (irrelevant)
    Intended Character Build: Trapper
    Declared Intentions: I'd prefer to use some sort of rotation system. I'll donate a fair share of my income to help the town expand. I won't build or duel for the town.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Everyone's going to say the same thing. I just want a hotel. ;P
  8. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    town will be up soon.
  9. vielfrass

    vielfrass Guest

    InGame Name: Vielfrass
    Character Level (XP/XP): 5 (39/46)
    Current Residency: Homeless
    Previous Residency: In the town Sad Hill on world 3
    Accumulated Contributions: Labor time, money
    Cash/Bank Account: 121
    Highest Attribute: Charisma
    1st Highest Skill: Leadership
    2nd Highest Skill: Building
    3rd Highest Skill: Vigor
    Intended Character Build: Not looking for any one skill to stand out, probably going to get building skill up, and try to at least be a decent dueler. Probably going to be soldier class
    Declared Intentions: I want to help build up a town, by contributing labor and money.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: None
  10. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    town is up and running.
  11. pichumy

    pichumy Guest

    Residence lv2 up, hotel lv1 will be up soon.
  12. Mulekick

    Mulekick Guest

    Application Form

    InGame Name:
    Character Level (XP/XP): 9 (66/110)
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking
    Previous Residency: world 3- kitty vally and been a member for 3 days and have put in 2 hours of building and about $300
    Accumulated Contributions: got almost $300.00 was thinking of founding a town myself out in the west end of the board various items aquired
    Cash/Bank Account: $259
    Highest Attribute: strength/dexterity both 3
    1st Highest Skill: stamina/toughness 12
    2nd Highest Skill: shooting 11
    3rd Highest Skill: dodging 5
    Intended Character Build: adventurer
    Declared Intentions: help build a town and complete quests
    Personal Requirements/Requests:
  13. darkeborus

    darkeborus Guest

    InGame Name: darkeborus
    Character Level (XP/XP): Level 7 (57/74)
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking.
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions: n/a
    Cash/Bank Account: $190
    Highest Attribute: 7 strength
    1st Highest Skill: toughness 18
    2nd Highest Skill: vigor 17
    3rd Highest Skill: constuction stamina health point all 7
    Intended Character Build: construction skills n worker skill
    Declared Intentions: Stick with one town , will be spending most of time building town
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Needed a strong leader to lead a town and intends to build up completely and evenly
  14. pichumy

    pichumy Guest

    Hotel lv1 up.
  15. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    we are working on the residences so we will be able to invite more people.:D:D:D:D
  16. pichumy

    pichumy Guest

    Residence lv3 up... waiting for Mullet to invite people.
  17. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    no room in town FOR NOW but we will soon. thank you for being interested in our town. if anyones wondering the town is ranked number 12.:D:D:D:D
  18. Mullet007

    Mullet007 Guest

    please stop sending telegrams like "can i join ur town plzzzz im good plzzzzzz" if you do you will be ignored.
  19. Korokos

    Korokos Guest

    InGame Name: Korokos
    Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl 14, 188/235
    Current Residency: Homeless & looking
    Previous Residency: None, "new" player
    Accumulated Contributions: ^
    Cash/Bank Account: 119, but I just bought a donkey~
    Highest Attribute: Charisma, 7
    1st Highest Skill: Trading 18
    2nd Highest Skill: Animal Instinct 14
    3rd Highest Skill: Riding/Stamina 10
    Intended Character Build: I intend for this character to focus on jobs, the charisma/riding related ones in particular.
    Declared Intentions: I intend to mainly offer funds, although I may save of for something of my own now and then, and will try to give cash in 500$ chunks, as soon as I earn as much. I'm also an experienced roleplayer and have basic HTML knowledge.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: It's already created, isn't it?