Town Points?

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Each building is worth so many points. For instance the Mortician is worth 100 points because builders have to put 100 points into constructing it. A level 5 Gunsmith is worth 1500 points because that is how many points must be put into constructing it up to that level. So if you only had a Mortician and a Level 5 Gunsmith built your town would have the following points:

500 for founding the town
100 for Mortician
100 for lvl 1 Guns
200 for lvl 2 Guns
300 for lvl 3 Guns
400 for lvl 4 Guns
500 for lvl 5 Guns
2100 town points

Bella Donna

I'm guessing, by looking at the points in the town rankings grid, that you also get points for the completed points of incomplete buildings?
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