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The Duel Image Maker is reversing the attack hits. I.e., I hit the left arm, but it displays the right arm as being hit. This makes the Image Maker virtually useless.


But town management tool is very helpful. I suggest that it would be used for all new towns who want to grow fast.


lok, i was reporting a problem, a bug, not throwing out an editorial. *rolls eyes*


there is bug in displaying level and duel level of the player which get mixed up between the challenger and defender.


When either dueler receives "1 experience point" in the duel, the duel report does not process it. I learned, through trial and error, to add the "s" to "point" and the duel image maker works (changed it to "1 experience points"). Any possibility of fixing this?


Duel Image maker

If the person you are dueling passes out before all 8 rounds are completed the dueling image maker won't work


Duel converter does not work with quadruple digit total damage. Anything over 999 Total Hit Points generates an error. If you remove a digit from the offending total damage, it puts it through. Any way this could be fixed?


stop doing so much damage? lol

sorry, haven't heard from the scripter of this tool in awhile, so I figured a little humor was in order. :p

Joseph Crabby-Apple

how do I register my account when all it does is take the old name? I don't know the password.

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I was wondering about the w10 thing too, I just created a w9 account and called it my world 10 city name and keep track of it that way.

Does Eddy51 come around anymore?


a suggestion for The Duel Image Maker

i love the tool! only one little suggestion would be to display the dueling rounds in two rows of four across, instead of up and down and up and down and up and down.

instead of displaying the results of the two rounds of four duels as

1 3 5 7
2 4 6 8

as they are now, because rounds 5-8 duplicate the actions of 1-4, displaying them formatted as

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

would make it easier to compare the two rounds of dueling to each other.

just a thought. :)


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Tool is transposing the level/dueling level of challenger and defender.

Not much else to say.

The image created shows the defenders levels next to the challengers name, and vice versa.

Makes my report not look as cool when I as a level 33 adventurer take on a level 43 soldier and win, but, the report says I'm at level 43 and the other guy is at level 33.

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In regards to the town management tool looks like it isnt y2k10 compatible. It flipped over and is showing dates for 2008 now instead of 2010.

Since Eddie isnt around I doubt the Town Management tool will be used anymore.

In regards to the challenger level - duel level. I always change the levels manually before I hit submit... its a pain but if you want to be accurate that is the only way you can do it.

It works fine if they challenge you, it only breaks when you challenge them.
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