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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Cpt. Marryat, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    Ok, a serious thread now...

    1). When founding a Town is it better to find one closer to resources (in order to cut down travel times between sleep and work), or doesn't this matter?

    2). And if so, would being nearer to higher paying/experience gaining resources be even better (ie. stone mining over tobacco picking)?
  2. Carnifex

    Carnifex Guest

    Im my experience, what you want is to find somewhere with a mix of high labour stuff and low labour stuff, so that a) you have something for your more experience members to work at and b) small things close by so that you attract new members.

    Being close to another town is also very handy, as it means you don't have to travel far when it comes to duels!
  3. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

    I think, for right now, just stay away from the sides.
    You want to be near other towns.
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  4. russki

    russki Guest

    1. its better, but only a little..
    2. since new better jobs appear as the game progresses you really cant guess the complete list of jobs near your town
  5. Carnifex

    Carnifex Guest

    I was wondering about that: do new jobs appear as the highest ranking person gets to a specific level?
  6. russki

    russki Guest

    Afaik new jobs appear when you have the items/level necessary to do those jobs if you have the skills/attributes allocated perfectly for that job.
  7. New jobs will appear when you have enough work points.
  8. clippa

    clippa Guest

    There will be plenty of updates and new jobs, so even if you think you have a good location it will change very quickly.
  9. Carnifex

    Carnifex Guest

    but what's the correlation? I can see jobs that I need another 23 labour points to be able to work at: it is when you're less than 25 away that you can see them?
  10. There is no correlation. If you are at Level 20 it can be that you see works with -40 laber points...
  11. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    There has to be some form of correlation between them.
  12. Carnifex

    Carnifex Guest

    indeed, otherwise you'd have to script every single one of them separately, but if there's a correlation you only have to code one thing.
  13. I don't think that there is a correlation. I think the admins have a formula...
  14. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    Formula = Correlation.
  15. Westy

    Westy Guest

    So would it be fair to say its a decent tactic to wait till your a decent level before you buy a town? Then you would have more idea of a good location!
  16. Cory9289

    Cory9289 Guest

    Even so, I doubt it would cause a major difference.
  17. Dowsy

    Dowsy Guest

    I'd imagine a town nearest to the ghost village would be the best, as that tends to be the most active area meaning newer players will see you.