Town Founders/Mayors WANTED


A new addition to the Empire...
The Aeterno Empire is currently planning to build a new town in the near future. We are looking for builders, duelers adventurers and soldiers, but most of all, some good leaders!

If you are interested in helping build another 42 800 point town, then please message Junonyt in game, along with the details:
Just tell me if you want to build, or lead.

Previously, I have built both Aeterno towns with my bare hands, (with no help) and it has taken about 2 months, if we get more builders, it could be a lot less.

If you want to apply.


I haven't played this world, but from what I've heard it's pretty dead. I can become a leader if you want me too. I have experience in it, just not levels in this world.


We'd love you to lead our town! It hasn't been constructed yet, but it'll begin soon!


hello junonyt
i have just discovered a town which now have full points

I am searching for some good alliances
can we be alliance??