tombola weapons


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this may have been answered before,dont see it so asking as I have always wandered. Does the three weapons go to the top on each world or the top 3? so am I wasting my time other words trying to get at least the top 2 or 3 spot on my world.thank you for any answers


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Firstly, you get a report a week to a month after event if you were top spot.

Secondly, you don't get any prize for being second or third.

Lastly, you should notify via support if you think you won the event via being top in that world.


That's what I have been tipped off by former winners, it might speed the process up.

If I'd just won a bunch of ridiculously overpowered weapons and fort guns - the repeated release of which is hugely responsible for the sorry state of affairs we see in-game at the moment - I'd happily wait as long as is required to do my part in driving another nail into the coffin, content with the knowledge that when my prizes are eventually issued I'll at least have an unfair advantage in a few areas of gameplay until our servers are all shut down in a few tombolas' time.


The weapons are given automatically.

1 or 2 days after the event is over.


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The weapons are given automatically.
1 or 2 days after the event is over.
That isn't always true
95% of the time it is.

Cl4udioo2, as a winner of six of the nine event sets currently released (number 10 being the current event set), I can say that the shortest I had to wait was 6 hours, the longest almost 3 weeks....but most sets have taken over 3 days to process.

Even if the three sets I didn't win were done in under 3 days, and the current set is delivered in under three as well, that makes the turnover at only 50% for within 2 days, not 95%.


For the record, on Briscoe, the Good Ole West's event weapon set from the 2016 Independence tombola was awarded and in inventory in about 3 hours after conclusion of the event.