To Fight - One way or the other - A poll

What would you like more of

  • Fort Fights

    Votes: 48 96.0%
  • Adventure Fights

    Votes: 5 10.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Hi everyone.

I am at it once again with trying to be good to this lovely players base community.
So next up in my game plan is to further get to know how what and where the interest lays.

Quite simple, would you like more fort fights and action in these.
Or would you like to have Adventure fights evenings, where in a set time frame a statistic will be made, and on monthly basis winners will be given rewards.

Both of these setups will of course be explained further when this poll is over. But for now, the next week will be available to vote.


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HAHA Okay, so adventures it is, yyeeaayyyy :-D

Nah just kidding. Fort battles. Great, clearly stated that it is the way to go.
At least with this in mind, i can focus my "gameplan" on that then :)

Thank you all for voting and making sure where "most" of the community stands.
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