To All Pea Brain Workers Whining about Being Dueled

Discussion in 'Saloon' started by Erikalocaloca, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. I've been seeing quite a lot of sentiments and whining of getting dueled from the worker community. In the first place, who told you to choose the worker class? if you think the worker class is disadvantageous then you should have not picked the worker class. Additionally, the advantages of each class is indicated in the class selection window, it is clear according to the class description of workers that they are pure workhorses and not intended for duels. And now we have here plenty of workers whining like kids who just got home from school after getting their report cards. Grow up, face the consequence of your choices. This is The West, if you don't like to get dueled then don't play the game.

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  2. AnnieOakley.

    AnnieOakley. Guest're a horses a**. Bet you play this game because you don't have any real friends in the real world.
    Those of us who chose the worker class did so to be an active participant in building our towns. Who do you think makes towns grow and prosper? The dedicated builders. Sounds like you think the game is to be all about you and whatever makes YOU happy? Now who needs to grow up?
    Next time, before going off in a rant, at least have a clue what you're talking about. Builders make towns, duelers duel, etc. If everyone was forced to be a dueler or a soldier just not to get dueled then the towns would never grow as rapidly and the game would suck because everyone was the same class.
    Yes, dueling is part of the game. But if you don't have any compassion for anyone else on this planet or this game and only care about yourself, then maybe you are the one with the problem.
  3. Wow. You are both having rants. And rants in the wrong place. This is obviously not an idea and shouldn't be in this forum. And no more duelling threads should be started. If you both want to let off steam, go do it in the duelling discussion that already exists.
  4. John Rose

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    Finally some drama!
  5. CraZ

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    Like we don't have enough of that here :laugh:
  6. Blitzkrieg

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    Well, you're in W1, check the exp level ranking in W1, plenty of high exp level people are becoming townless. The game currently already providing several ways to escape being dueled.

    Just die, from job, duel, or whatever, that's all you need. If not, have premium, being adventure, activate class advantage so you can stay in level 4 hotel for free = townless nirvana (assume you don't get killed by grizzly bear, transport ammo, selling guns to indian, etc. if you do, oh man, I know at least one townless person with 18,000 cash on him...that's gonna hurt)

    I think it's time for the soldier class to get a nerf bat visit. Now there will be drama :)

    To OP: It is an issue that needs to be addressed in a way. Duelers whine about lacking targets, workers whine about being killed. Do you want all workers to be so smart that they figure out how to avoid duelers completely? :)

    Read a thread I started in question forum, about tricks for workers to avoid being killed and duelers gain cash from dueling. I had to be vague with tips in regards to being a dueler but you can make money. Dueler income is just a lot less unpredictable.

    For example, one of my dueler friend went through several days of dry spell. Suddenly, yesterday, he managed to steal 5000 dollars from people.
  7. Del Que

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    If you have'nt got anything constructive to say I suggest you don't post this type of comment. Your moaning about other people moaning so what's your point?????
    I'd say most people who choose the builder class are thinking about building a community, where as judging by the tone of your post you are more mean spirited. Your not doing yourself any favours.:p
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  9. IOWNALL07

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    I bet anything im going to get bad rep for this. But...I think this guy is completely and absolutely right, i have seen quite a few posts about workers disliking duellers, he said, you pick your choices, having in mind that you WILL be duelled, If you want to make a town, that's great, just know that we duel and we will continue to duel. Workers build, duelers attacking workers does NOT in fact stop workers from building, it stops them from making money. So, to be honost, both duellers and workers get annoying about complaining, well, you know what, tht's LIFE!! Also, don't say im all for duelling because if you check me up on worlds 1 and 2 im a builder, and on worlds 3,4, and 7 im a dueller. So send all the hate comments you want!
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    yea id like to see the two people i have repededly harrased to say something just cause i will steal every cent they have which isnt much once i finished with them

  11. Oh yeah? And I bet you chose to respond to my post because it is only now that you realized being a worker class means you are good in helping towns but you are vulnerable to Duels. My money says my Precise Pepperbox Revolver will deck your character for good. Go get a weapon and lets duel corky! :p
  12. Exactly, well said :laugh:
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    Speaking as a builder.... Yes, I expect to get dueled, and I expect to loose (I've had the odd surprise victory even). But, what I don't expect and what certain duelers do, is hit the same worker with all their energy every day for a week, thats not fun, thats not dueling, thats deliberately picking on someone, and thats what I hate.

    For builders who keep getting hit by duelers, if it's the same Dueler, send them a message, some just don't know better, if they continue to pick on you after that, get your duelers to take them down until they give it up.
    If it's just a succession of different duelers, get your town to improve their bank so you can store all your money in it, most duels I loose all of $5 or so. If you have more money than that, invest it into your town buildings. Like the bank :)
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    Nov 2, 2008
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    69 about you two get in te adventurer's shoes....?!
  15. Grumbold

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    Nah, we all know that duellers go for workers because they want to pick on easy targets. The concept of a fair fight just isn't part of their psyche. Now that they are too old to terrorize the playground they seek to get their jollies online.
  16. angelaiah013

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    :indian: i guess so...
  17. John Rose

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    Shows what you know.

    THe reasons for picking an easy target over hard ones are more complex than "because it is easy".

    What exactly defines a fair fight btw?
    I'm asking, because you seem to have figured it out.
  18. Loon Ranger

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    I would say a fair fight is attacking someone approximately the same duelling level as yourself, even fairer if they have similar equipment too.

    If workers just work and build, and don't learn to defend themselves at all then there are NO fair fights against them, and they have caused that themselves.
  19. AnnieOakley.

    AnnieOakley. Guest


    Sorry. She starts an entire thread that is and meant to be mean spirited but I am the jerk apparently? Why is it OK for someone else to start a nasty thread but not OK for me to respond to it? The whole idea of this forum is to post something and then get a response. Start a nasty thread? Expect a nasty response. (i did add constructive repsonse....why a builder would want to be a builder and how a builder would be unappreciative of her selfish view of the game.) There are four classes...not just dueler. She has no compassion or understanding why someone who bothers/attacks no one and does nothing but work their butt off to get money to help build their town would even be upset? I know duelers duel...that's what they do and myself and most other workers know we have to just accept it as part of the game even though it screws things up for us with our building plans. It is what it is.
    Have a nice day.
  20. AnnieOakley.

    AnnieOakley. Guest I personally think dueling is boring so I don't choose that class. You set up your fights and then just sit there and do nothing...just watch. You don't physically control your character in the duel and just pre-set your attack plans. Even with other RPG games, I generally choose games that you're not forced to fight or duel to level up, etc because it's not my thing....don't like it. Just like in real life, the money I've earned to buy my items I've earned...didn't steal it by shooting someone with a 'pepperbox revolver.'
    If you like dueling, that's great and more power to ya'. It just ticked me off that you would start a rant like that for only one of two reaons: either you didn't even stop to considering how and why a worker would be upset about it or you're just plain selfish, mean and care nothing about anyone else's feelings.