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Idea title: Adjustable sleeping times
Details: I have been having this issue in the game to miss Fort Fights especially early in the morning. When a FF starts at 5 a.m. and the previous night I set my character to sleep in town, I have to get up at least 1-2 hours earlier to cancel my sleep and start moving to the fort. To make things more convenient to everybody I came up with the idea of a timer for sleep. It is really simple though, here is how it should work: When you go to the hotel panel, it should have some sort of timer at the bottom that would show how long you wish to sleep. Like an alarm call from the receptionist. You can set duration for 1, 2, 3, etc. of your sleep changing the cost, the energy and health accordingly. A five star hotel room in my opinion should offer some extra services at least and not just a more comfortable bed.

Only one type of room can be selected. Selecting another duration in another type of room will deselect the current duration.
Recovers x energy, y health points depends on the duration and type of room.

Reason for submitting: Would be nice to have
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I do not like 1, 2, 3 and every time, I think just half and quarter of time period should be enough. And if they want to implement something like this please add the barracks in the forts too. When you want to set your character to sleep although you select the which type of hotel or barracks you sleep in there should be an option for duration of the sleep. 2, 4 and 8 hours for hotel and 1.5, 3 and 6 hours for barracks.

But still I think this wont get implemented, I know that there were more or less same suggestions but I do not remember if that already passed to the devs or not.


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I been thinking about this too, i would like to be able to chose the length of time im sleeping.
Think its a good idea, cant really see anything negative about it.


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100% yes, would be so handy for sleeping before a fort battle, then walking there in time, especially when "primetime" battles are at 3am for half the world.


I like this iidea.

With full sleepyhead, 4hrs might be enough to regenerate completely in large fort's barrack. So I don't have to sleep for 2 extra hours..!!


I agreed with this the first time it was proposed and I will support it until it happens :)

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Submitted... no vote...? :eek: ... a 1st to see... nice though... and was thinking the same... great presentation ;)

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I just had the same idea as there is a ff tonight and I have to go to work soon and can't be here on time for to interrupt sleeping and send my char to the fort.
So all I can do is sending him to the fort soon without full hp.

So I think this idea would be a great improvement for the game - pro!

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Not a bad idea, however, it's always a good idea to remember when a person sleeps on The West, you can wake them up at any time by canceling their sleep, effectively reducing their full sleep to a short nap. However, the main drawback to doing this is not recovering all your character's energy if they were only sleeping for 2 hours and they had used more than half their energy on doing jobs or construction. Wouldn't your sleeping timer have a similar effect? Because, the way I see it, sleeping for one hour in a Janitor's Closet probably won't recover more than 10 Energy Points...Am I correct?