Time to lift the Briscoe Spirits


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2 years ago Briscoe was booming then the powers at be starting to get greedy now look,
Okay so lets not go backwards but start bring life into our county.
Invite your mates friends facebookers twitts and tinder dates come play the county up set those high lvl fatcats sitting on the hill claiming to own our county
raise a few town more alliances and folk dont be afraid of those in the Mod team who think their intimidation scheme actually work they are just protecting the alliance
See what really started all this is a power trip, InnoGames game too much to the powers at be to play the game however their greed stepped in and Innogames Profit is hurting.

Some tips every Gamer should need to know every interaction with a mod or any staff should be screenshot f2 or recorded, If and when staff use their authority to intimidate a player record them then make a formal complaint to inngames direct. Too many complaints and the Mod will be removed for inno is here to make money not loose it to power hungry bratts.

So bring in your kinfolk you mamma and papas the cousin down the road even the milkman bring em to Briscoe teach em to shoot up the town dance with Maya get a whisky at the bar all shoot up the sheriffs office