This is pants

Sam L Boone

Mentioned... if we're talking about "Impractical" :laugh:

There is nothing more useful and Uni-sex than a good 'Ol pair of BackDoor, Drop Bottom, Red Woollie Long Johns!

Who's gonna keep a lady warm, on a cold prairie night. Besides a good... dog.
(You thought I was gonna say "Man"! What? and get called a "Sexist" by all the ladies here? :razz:)


How is the inventory screen going to look after introducing trousers? Will the trousers be above the fort weapon? Or will the product go above the fort weapon, and the trousers where the product is now? Could the riding animal go somewhere else?


i wonder what pants will have the gentleman oO or the charlatan oO anyway lol we rly dont need underwear and kman288 XD ladies with no underwear i wonder if the dancers have those ^^

Wild Fred

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... I don't care what type of garment they are.... just give them to us.... my ass is freezing, and I keep getting cactus spines stuck in uncomfortable places! :p


The West Dev-Blog said:
Pants and belts
There will be slots for pants and belts in the inventory. This new feature will be developed by an independent team. Therefore it is hard to set a time for when this will be finished.

  • New items
  • Requested by players
Source: The West Dev-blog.


Somebody mention suspenders. The red,gray, Sunday etc, clothing already has them. God planning ahead from the devs :). I've been walking around with these suspenders without anything to hold up for two years now. Must look pretty god, especially in church on Sundays!!!.........................On the other hand, maybe I have something to hold up. Ohhhhhh the images, the images.


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pants are going to feel strange and confining after going so long without them.Yes fancy pants sounds good with a pair of chaps.


What about Squarepants? Yay cartoons!!! (although compared to the classics of wiley coyote and speedy gonzalas and bugs bunny, you can't even call the new shows cartoons)


No long johns? ah come on! They made the "western look" in all the western classics! When you see someone in long johns, you just know he don't have his gun near.. or does he? hihihihi.
seriously, long johns.