This happend in dakota and theres no topic oin it


i did some free offers...its been 3 weeks..i have NOT gotten my nugs(30) i filed support..they say use sponsor pay support..there's NO support button on the site at all..just does this get solved? :mad:

NemotheNobody offers under the nuggets button..THOSE nugs never got give to me..ive waited 3 weeks..did 3 seperate offers

confirmed email and everything...still got them in my email...not one nug got sent./.not even the ones that only take minutes
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Open the sponsor pay offers through the premium screen, then click on "Support" in the lower left corner.


i not clickable on my end..its just a logo

and what i can click.. just takes me to the sponsor site...there's no support button anywhere on the sponsor pay site.
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i did change browsers..still no actual support don't know..i even went by the screen print that the support person doesn't match what i have on


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omg, how hard can it be? i have no idea how these offers work, but use some common sense. if it takes you to sponsorpay's website, and there is no support tab, just click on contact --->subject: support ---> explain your case. if the logo doesn't take you to their page, then type the url and follow the steps.

just to check, i just did this (and it wasn't difficult at all): http:/ ---> contact (top right or middle bottom) ---> got a window with "send sponsorpay a message" with some department options: CUSTOMER SUPPORT, monetization, advertising, press. i bet you can manage to choose, write a message explaining your case, and hit the send button. you're welcome!


thank you. considering i went by a screen shot that got sent to me by support i actually looked for a support BUTTON as dictated in their picture...hence my confusion.

Desi Boukerse 2013-10-31 13:20:04
Hello NemotheNobody,

I am currently unable to help you as this problem is due to a fault with the service provider. You will need to contact the Sponsor Pay support. They were unable to process your request and if you were not credited appropriately for it you must discuss the refund with them.

NemotheNobody, please press the "Support" button in the upper right corner of the Sponsor Pay offers window. There you can report an invalid transaction to their support team, as shown below:

Note: you must wait until the expected delivery time has elapsed until you can report an offer.


Desi Boukerse
Co-Community Manager you can see..and as it wsa pointed out by another user...there is INDEED no support that i know its an email..i thank you for the help
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