Think Quick!


Da Twista is this just for your amusement ? wouldn't a joke be better ?


ah here come all the losers who didnt get anything.. took you a while :p


Maybe because I have been spamming on this forum. :p But really guys it was just a random event. This is just like the 1K bonds that some people got. Some win some don't.

Dj Storm

I've no idea if it's over.
My impression, is that it's a tease and reward system for well seasoned players... Completely unfriendly to newbies, learning the game and it's in and outs.
The codes, it was over on page 15. Now we wait for something else.


It would be much kinder and fairer if we are told officially its over :p


Sorry, I am getting ready for a fort fight on Az. But I will keep talking to you. Actually, there was a drop in people online. It was over 300 when Da Twista gave the announcement and now it is down to 66. This was a very interesting event.


You guys filled how many pages in such a short time? :O <The horror>