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TheWest App for smart phones

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tom paris

Seeing Iphones get mentioned a lot, Lets not forget Android as well as it to has a big market share. Bringing the west to these platforms would help & be great to have. I give a big yes to this.


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I have been wanting this for years. It's in a vast minority of Innogames' games that does NOT have an app counterpart as far as I can see. I looked on their website and compared it to what is on the app store --- The West was the ONLY one I saw that had only a web component without a mobile app version. We'd have a lot more players if they'd bring it along side the other games that are both web AND app.


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They don't even have plans for it.

They did "improve" their page for mobile browsers but it's far from being "good enough"
Especially that keyboard interference with every single thing is annoying af


The West Team
This has been suggested so many times but at this stage there is nothing planned.


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Of course not :roll:

It's a shame really.. Company just doesn't seem to be realising the potential of this game..

magwai the akeoj

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I wonder how a mobile app for the game would enhance gameplay, or if it would detract from it. From what I've seen of other mobile games, they aren't that intricate. The West is a very intricate game, with multiple "mini games" that can be played.


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Detract? Doubt it would be worse than as it is.

Intricate? Naa not really.

I mean, everything is "playable" on phone but..
Some things basically a torture hence MANY prefers to NOT even try.

I know for a fact that many doesn't even consider going to battles, be it Online or Offline, just because of lacking a mobile app.

They could just hire/borrow from their other games a temporary Developer to help with making one.

Diggo alone is capable of doing it alone too though I believe.
Just not enough time with his part-time job.