Theater Rock Will Never Be The Same

Tucker Blue

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In the early years of the 2010 decade theater rock was forever changed. We lost two of the most open minded and creative musicians this world has ever seen. On August 30, 1963, the Cosmos delivered unto us a gift and this gift was named David Murray Brockie. Dave would later form and become the lead singer in a theater rock band named Gwar. His brash on-stage personality Oderus Urungus delivering his unique humour and musical stylings for over one quarter of a century.

Likewise, on August 25, 1977 another gift was bestowed unto us. His name being Cory Smoot. Cory later became Flattus Maximus, the lead guitarist for Gwar and would shape the band's sound for nearly a decade.

That decade was my favourite for Gwar. My friends and i went to eight annual Gwar concerts in that decade. The most memorable for myself being the night i crowd surfed as i was hosed down with a blood cannon! So in their honour i ask that you remember with me their birth and lives. There isn't a single Gwar music video i can link that doesn't violate Inno's visual policies :D so i'll just stick with the one studio version song. This is the first Gwar song i ever heard and for most that have heard Gwar their first too. i present a rare Safe For Work Gwar song, Sick Of You.

Gwar - Sick Of You