The West World Records 6


Yes, that shouldn't be included in the records cause the event bonus is on. And even if it does, here's your new record.
I know I have gone faster since but here's one from earlier in this post, like a year and a half ago. never got updated. This recent 50% speed bonus plus added levels and gear since my pic, maybe someone could top 8500% who knows
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Pankreas PorFavor

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Best luck drop $12500 (Colt dragoon)
Report in Arizona: [report=66965960b957bb1c4d]Job report: Lead a trading office[/report]

Total drop value $16222
Same world: [report=66030081deff515628]Job report: Work as a travelling merchant[/report]


Pankreas PorFavor

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my new record - report form Arizona:
[report=674180525924caf799]Job report: Lead a trading office[/report]

$12560 item = Grey wild leather belt