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  1. Gandalf Greyhame

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    [jumpto=players]Skip to records[/jumpto]

    This is a collection of the most impressive feats accomplished by players here on The West International (.net). If you have a record that tops one currently listed here, please post it!

    • To claim a record, make a new post containing the following:
      • The record being claimed.
      • The world on which the record was set.
      • The character name of the record holder.
      • A screenshot of the record to prove its authenticity.
    • This thread is primarily for .net records only. Records from foreign servers will only be accepted if they are significantly better than the existing record.
    • Records will no longer be accepted from Worlds 2-10.
    • Some records will have separate categories for pre-2.0 and post-2.0. These are the ones that involve areas of gameplay that have greatly changed, and are ultimately down to my discretion.

    A special thanks to the previous managers of The West World Records:
    -Neo- (18/2/2010 - 9/8/2010, 19.5.2011 - 21.9.2011)
    beverbeverbever (22/9/2010 - 5/11/2010)
    Rebow (21/1/2012 - 7/11/2012)
    Futurama1001 (1/1/2013 - 16/10/2013

    Table of Contents
    1. [jumpto=players]Rank 1 Players[/jumpto]
    2. [jumpto=towns]Towns[/jumpto]
    3. [jumpto=alliances]Alliances[/jumpto]
    4. [jumpto=fortbattles]Fort Battles[/jumpto]
    5. [jumpto=duelling]Duelling[/jumpto]
    6. [jumpto=jobs]Jobs[/jumpto]
    7. [jumpto=luckdrops]Luck Drops[/jumpto]
    8. [jumpto=quests]Quests[/jumpto]
    9. [jumpto=achievements]Achievements[/jumpto]
    10. [jumpto=items]Items & Collections[/jumpto]
    11. [jumpto=stats]Ingame Stats Page[/jumpto]
    12. [jumpto=crafting]Crafting[/jumpto]
    13. [jumpto=bounties]Bounties[/jumpto]
    14. [jumpto=misc]Odd, Fun & Different[/jumpto]
    15. [jumpto=international]International Records[/jumpto]
    16. [jumpto=other]Other[/jumpto]
    17. [jumpto=v203]2.0 and 2.03 Records[/jumpto]
    18. [jumpto=pre-v2]Pre-2.0 Records[/jumpto]
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  2. Gandalf Greyhame

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    [jumpfrom]players[/jumpfrom]Rank 1 Players
    World 1|Kidd Kalypso|8,806,157
    World 11|Daykoda|8,912,300
    World 12|NATASLAID|8,693,754
    Arizona|Felicity Crumpet|10,742,809
    Dakota|Schrodinger s Man|4,825,243
    Most total town points|The Hunting Party|W15|1295917|link|
    Most town building points|White Parse|W15|1,020,700|link|
    Most town fort points|-FFierce Friends-|W12|137,246|link
    Most owned forts|hAx0rz|W16|16|link
    Most town duelling points|The Hunting Party|W15|543,890|link|
    Most passed out opponents|The Hunting Party|W15|44,067|link|
    Most duels|The Hunting Party|W15|124,415|link|
    Most duel wins|The Hunting Party|W15|120,985|link|
    Best duelling difference|The Hunting Party|W15|108,778|link|
    Alliance with most towns|Western Force|W12|134|link
    Alliance with most members|Western Force|W12|824|link
    Alliance with most forts|Game Changers|W14|34|link
    [jumpfrom]fortbattles[/jumpfrom]Fort Battles
    Fort battles completed in one world|Elmyr|W11|1,278|link
    Fort battles won in one world|Nisa|W13|725|link
    Fort battles completed (total)|Gunsmoke 4ever|-|4268|link|
    Fort battles won (total)|Gunsmoke 4ever|-|2520|link|
    Highest total damage inflicted (player)|slipery elm|W15|8,299,874|link
    Highest total damage inflicted (town)|The Legion|W11|89,264,950|link
    Highest damage inflicted|Schrodinger s Man|W16|31,536|link|
    Highest damage inflicted (non-dueller)|PtyLtd|W15|28,770|link|
    Highest hit count|iSwarby|W15|48|link|
    Most KOs|Gunsmoke 4ever|W4|11|link|
    Most dodges|Bob Huge Hands|W16|200|link|
    Most dodges (non soldier)|PtyLtd|W16|118|link|
    Highest hit|Cameahwait|W15|2343|link|
    Highest average damage(10 hits+)|Iron guard89|W15|1001|link
    Highest average Damage(25 hits+)|Loezer Jos|W16|878|link|
    Most damage by a player in one month|ptyltd|W15|1,030,927 |link|
    Most damage by a town in one month|WorldUsers|W15|7,013,548|link|
    Most Westforts medals by one player|Elmyr|W11|29|link
    Most Westforts medals by one town|The Legion|W11|42|link
    Died hardest|rohith4444|W15|-1795 HP|link
    Highest average damage taken (10+ hits)|Zeta-Navy|W11|720 HP|link
    Most rounds on the flag|Rage956|W15|18|link
    Highest HP soldier|Musagete|W15|20,010|link
    Highest HP non-soldier|Rage956|W15|10,190|link|
    Best hit ratio|sanchithira|W11|36:0|link
    Highest counting hit|Sartana Rivera|W16|670|link|
    Highest damage|Dynoysus|W14|4727|link|
    Highest damage difference|Dynoysus|W14|4727|link|
    Highest exp from one duel|Rage956|W15|8,732|link|
    Biggest haul|retromix|W12|$339,508|link|
    Knocked out opponents|Hans bros|W1|6179|link|
    Most duels as challenger|-Neo-|W1|15,835|link|
    Most duels as defender|EMzC|W1|1305|link|
    Most duels won|-Neo-|W1|16,161|link|
    Most duels won without losing|Verderben|W1|1272|link|
    Highest duel level|Kidd Kalypso|W1|745|link
    Best win/loss ratio (1000+ duels)|Verderben|W1|99.82%|link|
    Best KO ratio (1000+ Duels)|canufeelit|W16|86.2%|link|
    Most “one hit” duel victories|YoSammitySam|W16|111|link|
    Failed duels|-Neo-|W1|557|link|
    Most NPC wins|futurama1001|W14|5136|link|
    Most NPC KOs|futurama1001|W14|3075|link|
    Highest NPC duelling level reached|Elmyr|W3|139|link
    Highest exp from an NPC duel|Onyx|W15|145|link|
    Most exp earned from NPC duelling|zvrndo|W14|110,987|link|
    Highest damage win in a draw|ViriM|W1|1719|link|
    Most money won in NPC duels|SammyStorm|W13|$39,756|link|
    Most money lost in NPC duels|Elmyr|W15|$219,995|link|
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  3. Gandalf Greyhame

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Highest exp from one job|Phoenix251|W14|1436|link|
    Highest cash from one job|Phoenix251|W14|$1,677|link|
    Most cash lost in a job|PJMAX|W14|$427,663|link|
    Highest exp from Church construction|jojok|W15|2217|link|
    Highest construction points|Fafer|W15|1222|link|
    Worst job injury|Musagete|W15|19,661|link
    [jumpfrom]luckdrops[/jumpfrom]Luck Drops
    Best single item drop from 15 seconds|PtyLtd|W15|Black amber necklace|$12,060|link|
    Best single item drop from 10 minutes|SteinErik|W15|Green skull belt|$7605|link|
    Best single item drop from 1 hour|Constantine XII|W14|John Clum's Shawl|$11,440|link|
    Best total item drop|zvrndo|W11|Multiple|$16,197|link|
    Most items found in 1 job|Cameahwait |W13|Multiple|20|link|
    A full list of quest records can be found here: Who's the Questiest?
    Most quests completed (overall)|M.I.A.|W1|552|link
    Most quests completed (adventurer)|M.I.A.|W1|552|link
    Most quests completed (dueller)|Disappoint|W13|539|link
    Most quests completed (soldier)|futurama1001|W15|540|link
    Most quests completed (worker)|kenau|W6|544|link
    A full list of achievement records can be found here: Overachievers
    Most achievement points|gladejuul|W15|28,490|link
    [jumpfrom]items[/jumpfrom]Items & Collections
    Most total items|NestenHesten|W11|26,034|link
    Largest collection of different named items|Phoenix251|W14|47|link
    Largest collection of named items|Elmyr|W15|320|link
    Largest collection of distinct items|PtyLtd|W15|2,120|link
    Largest collection of one item|Elmyr|W15|2673 Parcels|link
    Largest collection of one product|FricFrac|W13|10,848 cotton|link
    Highest inventory buying value|PtyLtd|W15|$33,874,725|link|
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    [jumpfrom]stats[/jumpfrom]Ingame Stats Page
    Tasks finished|PtyLtd|W15|181,593|link
    Jobs finished|PtyLtd|W15|186,509|link|
    Gone to pray|Began|W15|3968|link|
    Gone to pray at Christmas|Shadow Dragon|W15|216|link|
    Building levels completed|Horrorhouse|W1|261|link|
    Unsuccessful building construction|*Anoop*|W11|14|link|
    Used construction points|Shaelee|W16|403,122|link|
    Levels advanced through construction|Shaelee|W16|52|link|
    Knocked out|moshuroshu|W1|921|link|
    Used nuggets|NestenHesten|W11|217,354|link|
    Knocked out during a job|rohith4444|W15|163|link|
    Distance travelled|ViriM|W1|194,051,344|link|
    Distance travelled by foot|ViriM|W1|51,107,729|link|
    Distance travelled by Donkey|ViriM|W1|50,105,627|link|
    Distance travelled by horse|ViriM|W1|142,943,615|link|
    Distance travelled by Quarter horse|ViriM|W1|50,223,607|link|
    Union flag received|Srecica|W15|280|link|
    Completed bank deposits|ViriM|W1|7847|link|
    Completed foreign bank deposits|ViriM|W1|6499|link|
    Amount deposited into bank (total)|PtyLtd|W15|$105,603,515|link|
    Amount deposited into foreign bank|AlColl|W15|2.389.462$|link|
    Highest amount deposited into bank|PtyLtd|W15|$41,243,295|link|
    Slept in one go|MightyMouse2099|W13|25|link|
    Time spent in hotel|-Neo-|W1|458d 20h 13m 9s|link|
    Time spent in foreign hotel|futurama1001|W12|250d 12h|link
    Number of buffs used|Kidd Kalypso|W1|1012|link|
    Bonds from Fort Battles|slipery elm|W15|8786|link
    Bonds from Jobs|Magnadine|W13|578|link
    Bonds from Daily Tasks|Magnadine|W13|2564|link
    Bonds from Traveling Fair|RickTractorBolturd|W17|799|link
    Highest number of crafted items|HAL0 R3ACH|W12|5538|link|
    Highest number of crafted items from lesser recipes|HAL0 R3ACH|W12|4301|link|
    Highest number of crafted items from simple recipes|HAL0 R3ACH|W12|351|link|
    Highest number of crafted items from difficult recipes|Nestenhesten|W11|567|link|
    Highest number of crafted items (critical)|HAl0 R3ACH|W12|389|link|
    First to 600 crafting|Srecica|W4|27/06/2012|link|
    First to 650 crafting|Srecica|W15|13/07/2013|link|
    Highest crafting points (total)|Elmyr|-|4291|link|
    Wanted persons caught|Morgan Caine|W10|193|link|
    Bounty received|Arppa|W12|$1,667,927|link|
    Highest bounty offered|Kenau|W6|$521,355|link|
    Highest bounty received|Johnny45s|W15|$1,122,334|link|
    Wanted posters created|Rebow|W11|134|link|
    Wanted dead posters created|RickTractorBolturd|W16|160|link|
    Bounty offered|- Merrill -|W1|$1,454,126|
    [jumpfrom]misc[/jumpfrom]Odd, Fun & Different
    First to level 150 on .net|PtyLtd|W15|-|link|
    Fastest time to level 120|killing koot|W17|28 days|link|
    Most money donated to a town|Lasarstar|W1|$2,396,250|link|
    Least time to build a town solo|Turda|W4|187Hrs|link
    Most levels advanced in a fort fight|L8dyGaga|W12|6 Levels|link
    Most damage done with a Bear|William Gunz Munny|W15|6458|link
    Quickest to get GG from level 1|Gaga|W11|29 days|link
    Most participants in a Fort Maneuver|W15|W15|46|link
    Fastest Traveling Speed|RickTractorBolturd|W16|7820|link
    Quickest to get to crafting lvl 600|Ripwise|W12|91 days|links
    First fully built large fort|Fort Bridger|W11|20/12/2012|link
    [jumpfrom]international[/jumpfrom]International Records
    Highest damage inflicted in a fort battle|Schrodinger s Man|EN16|31,536|link
    Highest HP non-soldier|Kenz0|EN13|9130|link
    Most total town points|Horda|HU9|1,500,511|link
    Best item drop|Elmer Fudd|RO9|Fancy leather jacket $9000|link
    Most total items|Jakovlev|HU9|37,278|link
    Most distinct items|Dark Templar|GR1|1625|link
    Highest inventory buying value|akaju|TR7|$14,365,665|link
    Largest collection of one product|FricFrac|EN13|10,848 cotton|link
    Largest collection of one item|--Juan Garcia--|HU13|10,319 grey ragged shoes|link
    Most achievement points|dominik79|DE1|30,140|link
    Nuggets spent|Vertical|DK5|349,530|link
    These records were obtained through the use of an item that is no longer available.
    Highest damage inflicted|h.a.s.s.a.n|W15|29,312|link|
    Highest hit|h.a.s.s.a.n|W15|2113|link|
    Highest average damage(10 hits+)|h.a.s.s.a.n|W15|960|link
    Highest average Damage(25 hits+)|h.a.s.s.a.n|W15|832|link|
    Most damage by a player in one month|h.a.s.s.a.n|W15|887,076|link|
    Most damage by a town in one month|WorldUsers|W15|6,278,325|link|
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    Mar 13, 2012
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    [jumpfrom]v203[/jumpfrom]2.0 and 2.03 Records:

    [jumpfrom]luckdrops[/jumpfrom]Luck Drops
    Best single item drop from 15 seconds|KTs2010|W12|Fine black belt|$540|link|
    Best single item drop from 1 minute - 5 minutes|KTs2010|W12|Sharp cavalry sabre|$6350|link|
    Best single item drop from 10 minutes|Elmyr|W15|Fancy cartridge belt|$5805|link|
    Best single item drop from 30 minutes|Elmyr|W14|Nat's machete|$6750|link|
    Best single item drop from 1 hour|Constantine XII|W14|Black riding boots|$6200|link|
    Best single item drop from 1.5 hours|Elmyr|W1|Sharp tomahawk|$4900|link|
    Best single item drop from 2 hours|Constantine XII|W14|Younger's revolver|$8700|link|
    Highest Daily Login Bonus|- - - - -|W1|8230|link

    [jumpfrom]pre-v2[/jumpfrom]Pre-2.0 Records:

    Highest XP|Canufeelit|W12|1250|link|
    Highest Duel Level|kingjamesg|W1|375|link|
    Highest XP for 1Hr Job|Elmyr|W13|269|?|
    Highest Cash from 1Hr Job|Rebow|W11|$1009|Link|
    Most HP lost in 1Hr Job|Srecica|W4|925hp|?|
    Highest XP from 1Hr Church Construction|-Kalle-|W9|703|link|
    Luck Drops
    Best single item drop from 5 Min|Cirdan Shipwright|W1|Fancy Eagle Belt|4200$|link|
    Best single item drop from 15 Min|Elmyr|W14|Moccasins|5600$|link|
    Best single item drop from 30 Min|aks47u|W2|Precise Schofield|$6400|link|
    Best single item drop from 1 Hr|Elmyr|W15|Brown Leg Guards|$8470|link|
    Best total drop value 1 Hr including money|Snakebill|W1|1 item, 2 Products|$14.490|link
    Ingame Stats Page
    Distance travelled|Elmyr|W11|672954|link|
    Distance travelled by foot|moshuroshu|W14|513496|link|
    Distance travelled by donkey|Elmyr|W11|242459|link|
    Distance travelled by Horse|Elmyr|W11|667279|link|
    Distance travelled by Quarter Horse|-Neo-|W10|418,756|link|
    Odd, Fun & Different
    Highest Daily Login Bonus|Buzzkill86|Arizona|3215|link|
    Crafted items in one day|angedelamort|W15|126|link|
    International records
    Highest Daily Login Bonus|Losern96||4577|link
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  6. Gandalf Greyhame

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    All the records that were posted after Futu's last post in the other thread were updated here.
    If you have any new record categories, please suggest them. If you or another player that you have a screenshot of can beat a current record, please post it here.
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  7. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    Highest damage inflicted PtyLtd W15 28770 link
    Highest damage inflicted (non-dueller) El Reino. W15 18,361

    seeing ptyltd is a soldier class not a dueller class person, he holds both records

    Highest Daily Login Bonus - - - - - W1 8230

    thats an obsolete record, which can't be achieved since 2.03 already i believe anymore, so sjhould move a section
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  8. Kidd Kalypso

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    Looks good GG. Gladejuul no longer has the achievement record on .net though.
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  9. kenau

    kenau Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Highest XP on a given world:

    kenau 6371043xp on W6
  10. Gandalf Greyhame

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Wow, that is an incredible amount of damage. I mistakenly assumed he was a dueler!
    I'll move dashy's experience bonus, since you are totally right, it is no longer achievable.

    I'm planning on updating that as soon as i update the questiest and overachievers threads.

    Records from worlds 2-10 are not accepted since they are all either shut down or shut down is impending. Sorry.
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  11. ViriM

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Good job Gandalf!
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  12. dominik79

    dominik79 New Member

    Sep 22, 2013
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    Update please.

  13. rohith4444

    rohith4444 Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2010
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    Worst Injury from a job World 16 that was a bit old record when m low in HP

    I think i have to try again now for more ;)
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  14. Gandalf Greyhame

    Gandalf Greyhame Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2012
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    Updated rohith and dominik's records.
  15. RickTractorBolturd

    RickTractorBolturd Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    Thanks Gandalf for taking on the task and continuing the records.
    All from World 16

    Union Flags
    Bonds From Jobs
    Distance Traveled
    Distance Traveled By Foot
    Distance Traveled Donkey
    Distance Traveled by Horse

    Amount deposited into the Bank (total)

    Most Money Donated to Town

    Most Total Items

    Tasks Finished
    Jobs Finished
    Knocked Out During a Job

    Number of Crafted items
    Number of Crafted items from Lesser Recipes
    Number of Crafted items (critical)

    Fastest Traveling Speed

    Wanted Dead Posters Created
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  16. rohith4444

    rohith4444 Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2010
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  17. RickTractorBolturd

    RickTractorBolturd Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    lol couldn't even let me get my name on the board with it... well played sir
  18. neel shah

    neel shah Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2010
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    Enough records for today .... :D
  19. Zeta-Navy

    Zeta-Navy Guest

    i thought the travelling speed was the record without a turtle shell buff (seeing thats +20000% speed) the speed record woulda been broken long time ago :)
  20. Gandalf Greyhame

    Gandalf Greyhame Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2012
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    I think turtle buff should be eligible for inclusion.
    A person with a pure move speed and a turtle buff will be faster than a normal build and a turtle buff.
    'Fraid you can't have the "most money donated to town treasury" :)
    ViriM still has the travel record for total travel and horse travel, those have both been updated as well.

    Updated international hp non soldier, Kenz0 had a higher record. Updated all of rick's records.
    Edit: rohith's donkey record was updated as well, of course.
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