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Question; which Schofield gun we need in the 67 quest?
Now you can only hoover over the requirements and only shows pictures, but no details of the gun. Is it a Precise Schofield or a regular Schofield?
The regular one. :)


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OK, great thanks :)

Something else Best items for job ... http://www.weststats.com/Job_items/

Is it possible to add in the calculations of the item sets? It always shows the best items separately, even though you would get more value wearing an Indian set for Hunting grizzly bears then all separate items posted, or am i wrong?

Indian feather hat [2], Golden Indian necklace [18], Indian clothing [30], Moccasins [11], Sharp Tomahawk [3], Mustang [0], (Indian's set bonus= 104) = 165 (without the Sharp Tomahawk)
Grey slough hat [24], Golden Indian necklace [18], Black cotton jacket [34], Black riding boots [48], Younger's Revolver [20] = 124 (without Younger's gun)

Other then that, great site. I use it all the time, together with Thewestinsider :)
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What happened to weststats.com. I havent been able to get onto the site for days. I cant seem to find any info here about it, maybe i missed it. Anyone else having this problem?


"To try it out:
Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers"

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It isn't working now - was working about an hour or so ago. And it's been down a few times recently. And it's not my browser/cookies, I know how to reload a page properly and I tried two different browsers to make sure.


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Weststats, search for several items

Is it possible to make a search for several items with item search in weststats? I want several items, and one town probably have them all.
Here's the javascript for 2items, but I'm not able to combine them.
javascript:chooseItem('body', 'clothes_green', '0');
javascript:chooseItem('body', 'coat_green', '0');
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The Item Stats database seems to be completely broken... I guess about 10% of all players now owns Belle Starrs Deringer, and it still displays that no one has it at all... :indian:


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Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Apache Server at twstats.com Port 80

This is what I get everytime when I try to upload or publicise my inventory to weststats. Anyone had this before? and most important, can it be fixed?
Thanks in advance