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Discussion in 'External Sites Discussion' started by Morthy, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Morthy

    Morthy Guest

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  2. Gem

    Gem Guest

    looks awesome ;)
  3. The Dark One

    The Dark One Guest

    Thumbs up. [​IMG]
  4. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

    Good work Morthy
  5. Allyboo

    Allyboo Guest

    Ooh looks great...! Thanks!
  6. TheFinalBob

    TheFinalBob Guest

    Can we add a tool where you can type in someones name and see all the rankings they have right then and there?
  7. Lix

    Lix Guest

    Very nice and useful.
  8. teh-poof

    teh-poof Guest

  9. Jesse James

    Jesse James Guest

    I think it will be added later on.
  10. sweet awesome site morthy!:D
  11. TeaAndScones

    TeaAndScones Guest

    Nice one Morthy
  12. Nice Tool, but my/our Tool will top it.
    We only need two or three days to complete it;)
  13. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    Nice features, I expect more to come?

    The graphics are improvable tho.

    Overall, great job.

    A cool feature would be if it would save the stats of players, and when the player visits the site, he could pick who he is, then filter jobs available for his skill levels.
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  14. Very very nice ^_^ Good job
  15. Cragsterboy

    Cragsterboy Guest

    i got a sneak preview 3 days ago :p

    Good work Morthy, like i said if you need a slave you know who to ask lol
  16. Westy

    Westy Guest

    Very nice, good to have it up and running already!
  17. Morthy

    Morthy Guest

    There's not really any way to top it. Adding items that have been found in the German version but not here would go against the wishes of the developers so I would hope that such a site would not be allowed to be advertised here.
  18. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    Me too.. not too great at coding, but happy to help out with the writing of any Guides that you might want? ;)
  19. Llama

    Llama Guest

    Awesome site Morthy...thanks for the great overview of jobs, helps a great deal
  20. Xavier

    Xavier Guest

    thanks for the heads up!!