The West Idol

Tucker Blue

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i'd like to get together with some other players to sponsor a singing competition on The West forum. In the style of idol shows across the world. Prizes could include in game cash, packs of salable buffs at minimum price, set items at minimum price, etc.

Entrants would submit their songs through a recording on and be judged by a panel of volunteers.

The number of rounds would be dependent on the number of entrants.

Prizes will be acquired through player donation. It will be on an honour system, not a lot of choice on that aspect. If you say you're going to pledge a prize, follow through.

That's the basic concept.

i can pledge $2m in game dollars for the prize pool.

Tell your game friends, post it on your town forum, get the word out. Let's put on a spectacle of the likes nobody from The West has ever seen.

Who wants to help make this exciting competition happen?


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I think it's against the rules to do something like this without Inno permission. Good idea tho :p