Website The West History (coming soon)


Dear players,

Me and a friend of mine have planned to create a website. The name is The West History.
You ask yourself,The West History?
I am here to tell you everything.

What does The West History mean?
The meaning of the name come mainly from the purpose of the website.

What's The West History?
The West History is the place where you can read experiences of people who have a great history and quite a bad history behind. It is nice to read about players, cities, not to mention alliances.

What is the purpose?
There are several purposes for using this website. I will mention a few:
1. New members get a better understanding about the game.
2. When you're older you can take a look how it was a few years ago.

What worlds exactly?
I'm still consulting with my colleague about the worlds of history we need. I will give you more information about that in a later stadium.

The website is still in construction. Dont ask for a link

If you have questions you can asks the here :).

The West History will be available in dutch this week.

I will put an example of a history when the dutch website is live.


  • Add your history
  • Modify your history
  • Delete your history
  • Add a profile photo
  • Search function
  • Your privacy is first priority (everything almost encrypted)
  • and a lot more..