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Hi, I am almost at the end of my little project. Since all most important functions are working i thought it is right time to put it in here that everyone can use it:)

with that tool you can sum these duelling stats what you like on items and arrange items from higest to lowest. etc. you like Aim and Shooting, you just check Aim and Shooting and then click Combine! then at the "Combined" row it shows sum of Aim+Shooting, you press "Combined" button and it arranges items for you. if you do it with some kind of item it do not calculate other items and you have to calculate one by one.

It might be little buggy and i will develope it more, but it helps you guys for sure;)
as soon as possible i rent my own domen for it...
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I like the look of it but i recommend you elaborate a bit more in your main post so other people understand it better;)


i added some information (sry for my english)

sorry, page was broken and nobody told me:( i am fixing it...

program fixed, but i had to remove comments corner for a while, noone have not use it anyway lol
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Hi folks!

my little dueller`s helper is at new addres, hopefully this is permanent:)
happy using! (hopefully i do not have to explain how to use it lol)

little development to do, but main functions are working correctly, if not, then tell it here



Seems I can not filter skills and sort by combined points at the same time? It either filters all my skills but displays in the default order OR sorts my gear by combined points of all skills.