The West & Covid-19


The West Team
Community Manager
Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Over the last week or so, our community has been talking a lot about how the current situation will affect all of us.

As a game that's entirely online, we have the ability to continue to operate largely as usual, and our support teams will remain available for you. Our Head Office has gone into lockdown so it may take a little longer than usual to answer some questions.

With the situation changing daily, we would like to list some websites you may find useful:

UK, to see the latest government policy and advice, to see the latest UK-specific health advice
Full Fact, to make sure the information you're seeing online is accurate
Mind, to get advice on how to manage any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling right now

If you have links or useful official website from other countries that you would like to share with others, just send me a PM and I will happily add other countries to the list. (especially for USA, Australia, Canada, that are a big component of our Community).

Finally, as much now as ever, a sense of community is important. While people are being asked to stay home except where essential, our community is always open for anyone who feels isolated or lonely.

Take care of yourself and those in your community. While we might be distancing physically, we can take care to be close online and stay connected.

Stay safe!

Yours The West Team