Feedback The West Classic Server for 15th Birthday


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a nice touch for nostalgic people or people curious how the game was 15 years ago. but just shows how bad it was before :lol: it's just the number of players that made it good

add forts, make it permanent, and it gets real. either way, a nice initiative.

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The ideea is so good, but chat and character classes need to be in the game.
I will ask if we can implement some form of official chat solution like a [self-censored] channel (or for nostalgia purposes [self-censored]! ) if not, that will be up to the players to create manage and publicize without any official endorsement.


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Not gonna lie I love this simple, original, gamble-free and click-free version, even if we exclude the nostalgia feeling.
( No Tutorial is fantastic btw .. )

However it should be sped-up a bit.
Prolly by perma -Xp - Speed etc. bonuses so that things don't take forever.

Then we would need some scripts for the obvious lack of conveniency :-))

As for Forts it was flash-player back then and that won't work now so idk if HTML5 is possible.

Btw just saying, the 15 years old patch works much better on phone than the current version. :p

Well, almost.

Page isn't adapted to the 'modern' window-size/resolution and the map navigation is.. well.. not existent. (though that's not really different from v2.0 :roll: )
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