The Unreal


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"Well. . .its something personal", Alexandria told Tonos as she looked at his hand on her other side then looked back at Tonos with curiosity when he heard a man ask for food.

"Excuse me for a while," she told Tonos and then rush to the bar to get some freshly baked bread, a bowl of warm soup and a pitcher of slightly cold water.

" I know how dangerous it is to be in that castle, but don't you think that castle might need a little 'service'?" , she said as she looked at the man's face with a frugal smile on her face.
She looked outside again and wonder what time is it. . .

*hold her locket while looking at the dark sky*


Emmerich thanked the waitress when she brought him his food. The rumours about this place were true. The food here was good, really good. Emmerich would have ordered more of this tasty manna, if he didn't have to get back to the castle. The nation-state's interests were, of course, in jeopardy. And, as the nation-state's only ambassador in the Roderick holdings, it was Emmerich's job to make sure that they were safe. But, it was also Emmerich's job, as a protector, had to make sure this woman didn't make it to that castle. He had to dissuade her somehow.

While he was thinking about this, and enjoying his food, Emmerich heard said woman talk about the castle needing a service. Emmerich, master of linguistic nuance, of course knew what she meant. So, he responded with what any sane man in Emmerich's situation would respond with. "Ma'am, believe me when I say this, that the only service Castle Roderick needs is a prayer service. And with the current state of affairs, I doubt even that would work." Emmerich sat his spoon down, and turned to look the woman in the eyes. "Earlier, something horrible happened. Something that caused the death of scores of men. Nobody knows what it was, but we're certain it will come back. I need to go in there, to try and stop it. You don't need to go in there. Stay here, where it's safe." Emmerich got up from the table, leaving behind an amount of money approximately equal to 5 meals. "Stay away from Castle Roderick," was Emmerich's last warning, before opening the door, and leaving, pulling his hood up to block the rain, not very effectively though.


Before she could even say a word, the man already left his table. She cleaned the table while thinking what the man told him. . . "Stay away from Castle Roderick" . . . that was the only thing left in her mind. She stops from wiping the table when she saw the money on the table...

"No. . . i have to go there. . ." she thought to herself.

so what kind of money do we have? silver? o_O just curious


(OOC: I previously used Florins if thats any help mind you I was in a black market, I'll continue Conrads story once everyone else has caught up)


People were running out of the castle, Aaron couldn't tell why but he could smell the fainest bit of smoke...

"guards please go search through my brother. He should be somewhere in the vicinity of the fire." Jacob called in the general direction of Aaron and Mike.

"Yes Sire" said Aaron with a sigh "First a demon and now Andrew Roderick himself is missing, perfect day to be on duty, eh?" "Yea, And who's head will role if we don't find him..." added Mike. "I guess your right" with that Aaron and Mike ran to the castle. "Andrews quarters would probably be the best place to start don't you think" said Aaron as they ran towards his chambers. Smoke filled the hallways and Aaron held a piece of cloth over his nose and mouth. The fire was a floor or two below but the smoke had spread at a rapid pace. "3...2..." Mike and Aaron shouldered the door of Andrews room open "Empty" said Mike, Aaron looked around the room "The window" he managed to say, smoke was filling his lungs and he had to get out. Mike and Aaron climbed through the window to a a slightly insecure ledge, he knew of Mike's fear of heights but it was either that or the smoke filled hallways. He made his way to a rooftop before turning back to his friend. "Come on Mike, just don't look down!" he called. Mike half closed his eyes as he made his way across the railing. He looked down to see he was many stories above the ground, he froze where he was and in a split second the ledge gave way under him. Mike grabbed out for another ledge, barely getting a grip he held on with all his strength, he could feel the ledge giving way... "Give me your hand" Aaron shouted, he gripped his hand, slippery from sweat and heaved him up. Mike was panting and somewhat delusional, "Your O.K Mike, but we have to hurry". Aaron jumped down through the broken ceiling, Mike Stumbled down a minute later. The room was empty but there was a door left open, they went trough to another hallway which was also in smoke. Aaron could just about make out a figure at the end of the hall. They ran after them before losing them in the smoke, the Castle was like a maze in this smoke. "Take the stairs, I'll keep looking here and follow you if I don't find him" shouted Aaron as they split up to pursue the person...


Tonos was fed up with waiting on the barmaid, who was busy making small talk about how dangerous Castle Roderick was with a customer whom she had just served. The spell that he had cast to keep the rain off of them for the walk up to the castle wasn't a very costly spell, however the ferociousness of the rain was beginning to beat down his spell. You see, when a protective spell is cast, a certain amount of energy is used for everything that touches the shield and while one huge projectile, like a boulder or table, would deplete the shield heavily, however a thousand small drops of water formed into a torrent would deplete the shield in the same manner. Shield spells were, in Tonos' opinion, basically worthless for anything but an umbrella, you see, in battle, the tromping of many feet kick up lots of dust, that dust hits the shield and take up needed energy to block other projectiles, thus weakening the shield sufficiently for larger projectiles, such as swords and arrows to easily break through and overwhelm the now defenseless caster.

Tonos stepped in out of the rain, Alabaster the cat shrieking with impatience. He looked over at the bar girl and called "Get a move on, young lady, otherwise I shall have to leave without you."


Alexandria wrote a letter to the bar keeper.She left the money on top of the piece of paper and put it inside the cashier.

"im sorry if i have to leave for a while..." she thought to herself when she heard a familiar vioce.

"Oh im sorry for the long waiting",she said and hurried outside while taking on her white furry cloak and her brown bag.

She looked at Tonos with embarrassment and apologize.


Tonos looked down at the bar maid and smiled "Well, I did start to grow roots, but I suppose you had a duty to do. Shall we adjourn to the castle, my young girl?"

Having stepped inside out of the rain, Tonos once again put up the magical shield around the pair and opened the door in front of him. He gestured and said in a low tone "Ladies first, my dear."

Falcon McCallister

Name: Salomon Khan
Age: 26
Weapons: 2 hidden daggers, Longbow and quiver w/ arrows, 1 short sword, 1 long sword
Apparel: Black boots, black pants, black shirt, black leather gauntlets, black cloak w/ hood
Appearance: 6”0” 150pds dark hair and brown eyes with a jagged crooked T shaped scar on his left cheek. He wears plain black cloths with a large black traveling cloak. He wears 2 hidden daggers in cross draw on his front, a long sword on his left hip and a short sword on his right hip both for cross draw, and carries a longbow and arrows
Profession: Drifter
Allegiance: none at the moment
Biography: Salomon was born of noble blood, his father being one of the most trusted knights to the Duke Roderick and served the crown loyally till the end. After his father’s death times became tough for Salomon and his mother, being a squire working his way to knighthood “The Ten” feared he would cause future problems for their scheme and banished Solomon and his mother from the land. Since forced to leave and their assets confiscated Salomon grew the rest of young life a commoner and with a grudge against those of royal blood due to his families treatment by what he thought was the duke. Shortly after being banished his mother died to fever and Salomon was left alone in the world with nothing but his name, he began to drift joining a band of hunters were he grew quit good in tracking and stealth as well as with a bow. He later hooked up with a band of warriors were he grew quite good with a blade as well with ambidextrous combat replacing the more common shield with a short sword which allowed him to not only block an attack with the small weapon but also allowed for attacks as well. He continued to drift and do odd jobs acquiring skills and knowledge of many different professions but soon he found himself helping his fellow commoners protecting them from bandits and such and grew to enjoy the battles and the feeling he got from helping others as he continued his drifting. __________________________________________________________________________

Solomon sat at a table in the corner of the pub enjoying his mead as he watched the others around him but staying unnoticed in the shadows. this was the first time he had returned to his homeland since his banishment many years ago and knew that if the duke learned of his presence he would surely be put to death and that he wasn't looking forward to and he didn't plan to stay long. truth was he was only there by chance because he was just passing through. he sat there as the two magicians talked and purposely ignored their private conversation due to his great respect he held for the masters of the ancient magics and their great knowledge. He did good to ignore their conversation until his interests were perked up as the fellow relayed on what happened in the castle and what had been happening since and Solomon couldn't deny his curiosity as he sat listening to the tale as it was relayed. Salomon had always been the type to involve himself in a situation were another was in need of help without much thought of would it be dangerous and surprise this time was no different, as he sat quietly trying to obtain as much information as he could. As the rest left leaving the old wizard and barmaid, whom he couldn't help but feel she looked familiar but just couldn't place her, he stood and started for the door and then the castle pulling his hood over his head to protect himself from the rain and leaving the cost of his drink and a tip on the table.


Alexandria smiled and walk slowly...

"Sire, if you don't mind... im just curious how did you that? " she said as she looked at the transparent shield


Walking alongside the bar maiden, Tonos was busy with his cat. Alabaster had the odd habit of, when the pair were walking instead of riding, reaching across Tonos' face and batting playfully at his nose. This was a show of affection, but it was rather annoying when Tonos was trying to carry out a conversation, not to mention painful if Alabaster decided to be a little too rough. Tonos stroked the top of the cat's head and the cat subsided into a rel snooze upon his shoulder, but Tonos knew better then to stop for if he did Alabaster would awaken with a rather nasty attitude.

Now that his cat was satisfied Tonos was able to address the young woman's question, how did he erect the magical shield around the pair. "Well, my dear," Tonos began "magic is a hard skill to use. It should be relatively easy for anyone to use for anyone, we aren't completely sure why some cannot use it, while others can. I need simply will our umbrella into existence and it appears. Similarly I can do other things, such as this."

Tonos pointed a finger over to a woodpile. His eyes squinted to a very small degree, before a single log lifted from the pile and flew through the air, to be deposited on a woodpile opposite the previous. With another gesture, Tonos picked a new log up and placed it where the old log had been.

"The art of Wizardry is quite simple, but at the same time rather dangerous. For example, it is very simple for a wizard to manipulate previously existing fire, but if that same wizard wishes to use his magic to make fire it will be much harder. Only very advanced wizards can create something out of materials not readily available. Manipulating things already in existence uses such a small amount of your life force it is hardly noticeable, but if I wanted to create a blazing fire, it would probably leave me so exhausted as to stop my heart from beating." Tonos smiled at her "Now, the shield spell around us now is a relatively easy spell to cast, it simply inhibits the rain from falling on us. Quite simple, you just have to want it enough."


Alexandria was so amazed of what she have heard and started creating something from his mind while her ears were still focused on listening to the mage. . .she was reminded of something sparkling. . . like glitters. . . though she felt a sudden heat on her palm, she never seem to close her focus on the littlest detail from Tonos' lips. . .Then she felt alittle dizzy and started to close her eyes...

"Gee. . . i think . . . i get it. . ." she smiled at the blurred vision of the man standing next to her with a cat. . . *faint*