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Mark continued rushing toward the castle as fast as he could while remaining composed. He was passing a residential area when someone dressed in fine clothing came into view. He seemed agitated, and as Mark watched he saw the man go door-to-door, asking for something. Realizing this would likely be a quicker way to determine exactly what they were up against, Mark approached the manr. "Good day, sir," he began, bowing as was the custom. "I'm Mark Sunder, Priest of the holy Church. I was sent to find out what exactly has been going on and how the Church may help. We have received nothing but disturbing rumors. Nothing concrete. Is there a chance you might know something about this?" It was all Mark could do to not twist his Staff nervously in his hands. He needed to come across as calm and composed so that he would be given the exact information to give to the Church.
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" Thank you for your kind words", said Alexandria to the lady in black.

" But perhaps a formal introduction is needed for moment, I'm Alexandria Schober. "

*gracefully bow and smile back*

" The castle... well, i guess i can come along...if my parents were alive i know my parents wouldn't want me to be involve with these...but i wanna find out something about myself..maybe this will help me..." she said.



A man dressed in clergy robes approached John. He seemed nervous but tried to command my respect in a polite way. He asked what the news about the Being from the castle was. John quickly reiterated what he had told Tonis and Emetald.

"...I am on my way to the castle now. I am to meet with my lord, Andrew Roderick. I am to run a few more errands before heading to my lords chambers for a meeting. If to wish to hear and understand more I will see you there in an hours time. I hope you consider me an ally. Perhaps your holy magic will help defeat this demon-like Being at bay. I would also offer you a spot as an ally in the fight against Jacob Roderick, but I know that the laws of God keep you from aligning yourself against any one besides the Devil himself. Good by sir."

I walked away leaving the priest in thought. I was heading to one final house before I went to the meeting. I set off down the road and soon saw the gently worn path I was to turn off onto. Suddenly an old women came running out of the house

"No!" she wailed "No! Run! Their here they're killing everyone!"
I suddenly started paying attention. I looked up in the air and saw and smelled fire. I sprinted off down the path toward the house. It was up in flames. I heard my friends screams and knew he was dead. I saw a black flash sprint away towards the castle out of the corner of my eye. It was a man. An assassin. In black. The same ones that killed y innocent parents and baby sister. Anger and adrenaline exploded inside me. I ran faster than I ever had. I dove and tackled him. I said the worst things a man can say to him. I punched him harder than I ever punched anyone. I picked him up and began the long trek to Andrews chambers. He would have a field day interrogating him. Maybe we would finally have the leverage needed to gather a larger and stronger army. Funny how at the dawn of our darkest hour John could be so happy...

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Mark listened as the man, now identified as John, explained what was happening. John seemed in an awful hurry, and only gave him the bare bones of the situation, then told him that an official meeting of Andrew Roderick and his followers was occurring in an hours time. Mark inferred that this meant Jacob was doing nothing, or perhaps he knew nothing about these proceedings. Mark was about to correct John's last statement when he abruptly left. Deciding he would explain John's error later, Mark continued towards the castle, more determined than ever to gather the complete version of events.

As he walked, Mark reviewed his spells and their usefulness against a demon. He could use every holy spell to various degrees of adeptness. However, some of them would be no use against a demon...regardless, Mark was left with Purge, a spell designed to harm only those with evil in their souls, Banish, a spell that could forcibly remove a small demon from the world, and all of his healing spells. However, the Divine spells...

Perhaps at this point it would be helpful to explain the difference between holy and divine spells. Holy spells are the more common, with many varieties and whose power is based completely on faith in the deity the power is drawn from. Clergymen simply have to believe in their God and have knowledge of how to cast the spell to unleash its power. However, the stronger the faith and the greater the constitution of the caster, the stronger the holy spell. DIVINE spells, on the other hand, are much more complicated. There are only three divine spells, and each one of them is incredibly powerful. Divine spells have more requirements than holy spells. Not only is faith required, but a High Priest or the deity the faith is based on must grant permission for the clergyman to use it...and after all that practice is needed to master these spells. Due to the ferocity of the attacks, strength from the caster is needed as well as belief to unleash its power, so clergymen cannot cast these indefinitely without rest.

However, the Divine spells...Mark could use Aura and Luce...he had mastered Aura, but still had the occasional slip-up with Luce, which was the more powerful of the two. He didn't have clearance to cast Enlightenment, the most devastating of the three, but Mark knew that if he needed it God would allow him to use it. Satisfied that if for some reason the meeting was attacked, he could help, Mark pulled himself out of his thoughts and continued walking towards the castle.


Age: 21
Equipment:dagger,black cloak,leather gauntlets
Allegiance:Andrew Roderick
Biography: Was taken away at the age of
3 to be trained in the ways of an assassin.
Sent to kill one of Andrews closest allies and succeeded until caught by another of Andrews men.

Arcus had been drifting in and out of consciousness for a few minutes. He heard snatches of conversation. He suddenly came to and saw he was in a dark room. He looked around and saw a bunch of dirty faces staring at him.
"Wha..." was all he had time to say before a large fist came down and knocked him out again.


"So what your saying is that my brother is dead?" a look of sympathy appeared on the councillors face, though the light cast by the candles in the dark study gave the look a more sinister feel to it "No body has been produced yet but...Yes it would appear that your brother is dead" Conrad sat in silence for a while, I am the only one left he thought, watching the fire in the grate crackle, as he had done so many times before.
Originally from a family of five, as the oldest both he and Gideon had spent most of their youth caring for their abusive father and their younger siblings. Both Margaret and Emily had died of fever when they were only young and their brother Ethan had died of an accident and now with Gideon gone he was the only one left, it left an ache in his soul just thinking about it.
There was a polite knock at the door before it opened to reveal the hurried looking scribe, sweat was forming at his brow it was clear that he had been running. Bending down he quickly whispered something in councillor Mirchauds ear before hurrying off "It would appear Conrad that we have a problem" the aged councillor sighed deeply as if he'd just been told that some paperwork was late in arrival "It would appear that one of our agents has been captured by some of Andrews people...Conrad I want you to find him and release him before he talks. Failing that Silence him" Conrad considered the implications of the request it hadn't been the first time that he'd murdered an opponent of "The Ten" yet it still nagged at him "Very well i'll see what i can do" and with that Conrad left the room. His brother had been killed and pretty someone else would die also


The meeting began with John dragging the assassin in 5 minutes late. John placed him on a table and explained the whole assassination. He noticed Mark the priest was there looking nervous as ever. Sun fall was beginning. The only light was the dim twilight creeping in through the small windows, the fire roaring in the fire place, and the candles and lanterns lighting the rest of the room. The assassin began to stir.
"Wha.." He began before John suddenly brought his fist down on his face again and quickly knocked him unconscious. We discussed what to do with him and then decided to give him to talk. But seeing as John had just knocked him deeper into unconsciousness again they had sometime to burn. They discussed their current threats, allies, and other official business. They assassin began to stir again when things changed forever...


It hadn't taken long for Conrad to track down the where abouts of the agent, the castle guards although mainly loyal to Andrew were also under paid. And so it was with a liberal sprinkling of coins and a small amount of subterfuge that Conrad found himself outside the room in which the agent was being held.
He sat there quietly listening to the conversation inside, from the voices alone he gathered that Andrew was inside with at least one other person and that the assassin was still unconcious. Andrews being there made things needlessly complicated because unlike a guard or servant Andrews murder couldn't be covered up, he'd have to come up with a different plan and fast the light outside was fading it would be dark soon.
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(As Emetald)

Emetald answered the man's question shortly and quickly, then turned to Tonos. "I am sorry, brother, but I remembered I am needed elsewhere. I wish you luck. She then walked outside and cast a Teleport spell. She was gone.


Name: Aaron Wright
Age: 27
Equipment: Long Bow & Short Sword
Profession: Castle Guard
Allegiance: Jacob Roderick
Biography: Aaron was born into a poor family, his elder brother Simon was sent to be a priest soon after he was born for his parents could not feed the four of them. Aaron was sent to the Castle as soon as he came of age to be a servant. From what little he can remember Aaron didn't have a pleasant childhood, his parents were not cruel people, but they could not fend for themselves and a son. A few years after being sent to the castle Aaron was old enough to enlist into the Castle Guard. After-all a servants life was not the most pleasant , they were treated badly and were 'dispensable' if needed. He found he was naturally good with a bow and was accepted into the guard. He has served there for many years and is one of the best archers in the castle. His allegiance lies with Jacob Roderick simply because he is King.

Aaron was on watch on the eastern wall of the Roderick Castle, he heard commotion from inside but thought it best to keep watch. Mike, another guard, had been whipped the other week for leaving his watch - not that there was anything to watch for. Once Aaron's watch had finished he headed to the Guards Quarter for some food. The Castle was buzzing with activity - servants running here and there and people talking in huddles by the Castle doors, The Guards Quarter was nearly empty apart from a few guards sitting by the fire. Nathan, one of the older guards filled him in on the events that took place during his watch. 'A bed killed 100 guards? ha! yea, and my toothbrush tried to choke me yesterday' Aaron scoffed.
'Stupid boy' Nathan walked back to the group sitting by the fire. 'Superstitions are made by the fearful and exaggerated the ignorant' called Aaron while he was leaving the room. Aaron is far from a superstitious man, he believes nothing of Demons and monsters or the like. He walked to to the courtyard where people swarmed around in every direction. He walked to Mike who was trying to keep some anxious villagers out of the castle's courtyard, he asked Mike what happened and he told him the same as Nathan had except this time it was 200 guards that had been killed, funny how every time a story is told it gets exaggerated a little until it is Legendary, soon it will be 1000 guards thought Aaron to himself. Aaron decided to try to help Mike keep people from the castle. The story had spread trough the whole city, there were mothers, fathers or brothers of guards wanting to know if they were okay, people with "business" in the castle who just wanted to see what had happened for themselves and others trying to get in for all sorts of reasons...


The plan was simple if inelegant, Conrad silently watched as the flames took hold of the curtains and bed linen in the room. He was three doors down from where the assassin was being held, it wouldn't take long for the fire he'd started to be discovered.

Leaving the room he quickly made his way into the room oposite his intended target, the smell of smoke was getting stronger, closing the door behind him he waited for the alarm to sound.
A mailed fist pounded on the door to Andrews chamber, a hoarse voice yelled at the top of its oxygen deprived lungs "Sire the castle is on fire you must leave immediatly!" Conrad could hear the guardsman coughing in the smoke filled corridor. All Conrad needed was for them to leave the room and agent unattended for a few minutes. He sat and waited.


The sky was turning dark but no one noticed suddenly a fire was roaring outside the room.
"Everybody out!" John yelled. Panicked screams filled the air as our allies ran everywhere. I could tell this was no accidental fire. I grabbed the assassin and dragged him from the room. Smoke had filled the halls chaos was everywhere John looked. He knew they wouldn't last long out here. He dragged the assassin back into the room. He interpreted him quickly learning only two important things. The Ten had sent him and more swift assassinations of our allies were to follow. The fire was now overtaking our room and creeping across the floor. John saw one possibility. The window. He quickly took a chair and smashed it then broke off a leg and dropped the still drowsy assassin. He climbed the wall a little before smashing in the floor belows window there was no fire in that room yet. He quickie got in, cut himself in two places, and ran out the door heading for the throne room because that's where Andrew would have gone. Oh I hope he's there! Was all that was going through Johns mind.


The fire had spread quicker than he had planned but it had done its work, he watched as someone burst out of the room, the agent slung over his shoulder. he looked around quickly before doubling back into the room.
Pulling his Dagger from out of his coat Conrad followed the man into the room fully intent on killing him if he had to.
The room was full of smoke but he could see well enough at the end of the room he could just about make out a figure by a window, there was a shattering of glass. Cursing loudly Conrad charged forward to find himself standing at an open window both the agent and the other man had climbed down into another room.
Behind him he could hear the shouting of guards as they fought the fire, it wouldn't take them long to put it out and he didn't want to be anywhere near here once it was out. Climbing through the window, the dagger clamped firmly between his teeth Conrad followed them into the room below.


John entered the room below. He ran across the room to the door. He found that the assassin had followed him. Suddenly a loud curse came from the window. He turned to find another assassin entering through the window. Jog stuck his got out and sent the assassin sprawling before running out the door. He ran through the corridors and around some bends before reaching the throne room. He entered the room and found pandemonium. Guards were keeping scared citizens away from Jacob and the Ten. He saw one of Andrews friends that was at the meeting keeled over from smoke inhalation.
"Where's Andrew?" John asked panickedly.
"" the man answered between coughs.
"Did you...oh lord!" I yelled as I saw the assassin enter the room. I quickly slipped over to Jacob. "Sire." I said knowing that even though Jacob did not love his brother he did not want him dead. "Andrew was with me when the fire started but we don't know where he is now."
"Oh dear" he replied "guards please go search through my brother. He should be somewhere in the vicinity of the fire."
Upon hearing this I ran. I ran up to my chambers maybe there I could regroup with some allies and fight the assassin. I talked quickly with the allies in the throne room telling the only to come to my room with me and to watch their backs. We began to make our way out of the room. The assassin had as of yet not seen me. I quicky slopped out the door with my friends and was off...


" It's been nice knowing you m lady, take care of yourself and come back soon", Alexandria said as she bow her head and look back to see Emetald casting a spell for her own journey.

Alexandria looked at Tonos . . .

" Sire, would you let me join you on your way to the castle?" she said then look outside and see the dark clouds slowly filling up the sky and the wind blowing in a frightful manner...


Alabaster the cat growled low in his throat at a remiss mouse that wondered from the shadows of the Tavern, before he leaped at it with the natural grace of a young cat, Alabaster was not. Witches and Wizards could not weave light spells on humans, they had such complex motivations that the human's thoughts themselves stopped the spells from working, however animals were a different story. Animals had no secret agendas, no split loyalties and no urge to betray others. To put it simply, animals were perfect beings. The domestic ones existed only to, in their own minds, please their owners and this single minded and unconditional love made them perfect for weaving life spells onto. While Alabaster looked like a young cat of maybe three winters, he was, in fact, well into 70 years old. This was not evident in the ferocious way in which he was chasing the mouse around the room.

Tonos watched with great amusement as the slippery mouse proved to be too fast for the cat and it escaped into a hold beside the fireplace. Alabaster stalked back and forth outside the mouse hole, before giving up and stalking back to Tonos, maintaining an air of superiority the entire time. Right up until the moment he clawed his way up Tonos' back and settled into his position upon the wizard's right shoulder.

A small voice piped up from beside him, as Emetald strode out of the tavern and disappeared. It probably wasn't a transportation spell. Such spells were very complex to perform and one could not simply walk outside and disappear. It was more likely that Emetald had, instead of causing her body to wink out of existence for a time, only to materialize wherever she was going, had instead transformed herself into something more mobile, such as a bird, fish or even a drop of rain itself. These spells were much easier to perform, as instead of operating in a realm of non-existence you were only working with organic material.

The hesitant voice spoke again, snapping Tonos out of his reverie. "Sire, would you let me join you on your way to the castle?" The bar maiden asked, standing beside him.

Tonos looked over, his eyes not registering the girl for some time, before they became lucid once more. "What in the world would a pretty girl like you want in such a dark and dreary place?" Tonos asked, putting a hand on the bar maidens back and gently pushing her along beside him, as he made his way towards Castle Roderick. "Castles are so drafty!" Tonos explained, as he stepped out into the rain. Tonos cast a spell to keep the rain off of them as he left the Tavern.


Conrad sat panting in the corner of room, it had been a long time since he'd had to climb through a window. Sruveying the room around him he noticed that his target was gone no doubt fled down one of the many corridors in this infernal castle.

On the carpet before him, lay the assassin his breathing was shallow but regular, he'd live...for now. "If you value your life you'll follow me, if not...well don't leave a mess" Conrad growled as he hauled a suprisingly young man off of the floor by his collar. Conrad quickly checked the assassins eyes for signs of lucidity with his one good eye, before pushing him towards the door, hopefully his trip down to the docks would be less eventfull


Emmerich could tell that at least the male Spellman had, in fact, not been aware of his nation-state's customs, traditions, and mannerisms. The common people of the Roderick were perfectly understandable in their ignorance of Emmerich's people, they had barely any chance in their lives to get out of their small area. But everybody got used to Emmerich and his strange ways, some even adopted a couple of them. The recipe for currywurst was currently one of the most popular in the holdings. But a Spellman who was ignorant of the cultures of one of the largest nation-states in the known world? Well, it was Emmerich's job to teach him about the nation-state.

But first, some food. Emmerich had heard that the food here was good, very good, and he intended to have some. "Waitress, I'll have a quick bite of food, anything will do," Emmerich told the waitress, who for some unknown, but most likely mental, reason, wanted to go to the Castle Roderick. Emmerich felt that it was his duty to persuade this young woman in a course that did not involve her presence in the castle. "Ma'am, I hate to break the news to you," Emmerich began when she returned. "You don't want to go to Castle Roderick. Something is happening, something that might very well kill everybody in there. I must go there, but you don't have to. Stay here, I feel that this place will be safe from whatever it is."

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