The treasure


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Well, if you have all the requirements, then you just have to do those jobs to drop the totems.

Spoiler: [spoil](iron mining with 9 gold dust), Silver mining with 15 silver, dig rare gemstones with 20 semi precious stones and repairing fences). [/spoil]

You are unable to get any totem ?
You must also finish the animal spirits questline before being able to find all the totems and accept the quest at Waupee's Indian village (Cleanup efforts).

I'm afraid you didn't give us enough info to help you.
Yes i have all the requirements needed (9 gold dust, 15 silver,20 semi precious stones) and i did the jobs and finished all indian quests but nothing happened :hmf:


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You must be overlooking something. I advise you to send a ticket in that case and the game mods might be able to help you.

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Yess i did but maybe i should have specific quantity of requirements because i have 11 gold dust and 16 silver and 22 stones .


Check if you still have animals in your inventory. If you still have snake, bear, puma and eagle you should go to the holy rock, equip one animal after another and finish 4 steps there. When animals disappear it's only the question of luck. I've got totem of puma and snake in first try, eagle after some 15 tries and still waiting for the bear but quite confident that it will come. I just get hurt there very often very hard because I don't have labor points. Maybe I should try wit a potion.
Good luck !